Class of 2018

Conestoga Connected is an entertaining and informative program that connects Waterloo Region residents to its people and community. Reporters from Conestoga College’s Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production program give viewers a peek at life in and around the Tri-City area.

Cool Callings

Doctor, teacher, lawyer…llama farmer? Cool Callings explores careers that are weird, different- and just plain awesome! Tune in to discover more about people living and working here in the Tri-cities, and in the surrounding area. Find out what drew them to their line of work, and why they consider it more than just a job. Get inspired to get out there and find your calling. Cool Callings on Conestoga Connected.

Do or Die

Follow two hosts, Josh Whalen, and Aaron Stanley, as they take a tour around Waterloo region learning new skills and battling it out in difficult challenges. The loser takes a punishment related to the challenge. Who will eat a spicy pepper? Who faces public humiliation? Who will win? Who will fail? When will I stop asking questions? Find out who prevails in each episode of Do or Die.

Film Locales

Have you ever been sitting in a movie theatre, or at home in front of the TV and thought, “Wow, that looks familiar?” From Hulu’s dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale to supernatural horror film It, the Tri-Cities area has “stood in” on screen for many American landscapes. Conestoga Connected’s Film Locales takes a look at how our own streets and buildings get transformed into the future, the past, or a new world altogether. Join a new guest host each episode to find out the inside story of how some of the biggest TV shows and movies have been created- right here in your own backyard.

Getting Crafty

Getting Crafty follows two hosts, Alex MacDonald, and Jacob Jansen on their adventure to discover great craft breweries located around the Waterloo region. Our hosts will be led by local brewmasters to explore the history of the breweries, how they make their beer, and of course, a final taste test and review of their specialty beers. Getting Crafty will educate consumers new and old about alternative beers for their pallet as well as support some local businesses. Where do they get their hops? Do they have any out of the norm ingredients in their craft beers? Do they have any unusual processes for making their beer? We will find out all this and more on Getting Crafty!

Out of Place

Out of Place is a fun-filled and unique series based in Southwestern Ontario. It takes the host, Kyle Runnquist, to exotic animals living out of their element. Through his travels, he will learn how the animals are cared for out of their element and unique random facts about them as well. Every week a new exotic animal will be the topic of discussion.

School’s Out

Ever wonder what your teachers got up to after the bell rang? Wonder no further. On School’s Out, host Mackenzie Daub introduces Conestoga Connected viewers to a selection of extraordinary instructors with even more extraordinary extracurriculars. Each week, we visit a teacher to see what they get up to in their classroom. Then, once the students have left their desks and the textbooks are back on their shelves, we follow our subject to their hobby outside the school walls. It’s always a surprise when Mackenzie leads us to what each guest does when the class is not in session. From arts to sports, and even more, the secret life of a teacher is much more than one would expect. Prepare to be amazed, when School’s Out!


Come and join Spinformation on a trip down music memory lane. In this Conestoga Connected segment, we will be talking to local music experts and profiling local record stores while delving into the nuances of vinyl. We will take a look into a different genre each week and discover what impact it has in today’s music industry. Music makes such an impact in the world and Britt Fediurek, Brette Baybutt, and Mac Elsley want to find out why. It’s time to face the music with Spinformation.


Try-outs is to show viewers that you can start playing a sport at an older age and still strive to be as good as the experts. We want to convey the message of “practice makes perfect” by showing an “Average Joe” playing a sport they have never played before and showing them that trying new things can be fun! We hope that Try-outs gives people the little push to get out there and not be scared to go to that dance class or try playing hockey. It can also be used as an educational tool for people wanting to learn a bit more about traditional and non-traditional sports.