Amy McGuire knew she was bound to be a host from the moment she saw the video announcements in Grade 9. As soon as she was able, she took the reins and was a host herself for two years, loving every single minute of it. From there she knew she needed to be in TV. After a few years of not knowing exactly what she wanted to do in Media, she decided on Television Broadcasting, and you could say the rest is history.Not only is Amy hosting Conestoga Connected, she is also the host of Tri Ink, where she goes around talking to local tattoo artists about their personal styles. And she is no stranger to tattoos herself.After graduating from the Television Broadcasting and Independent Production Program at Conestoga College, Amy wants to do something to showcase her love for sports. Maybe you will see her as the next anchor at TSN!







Belwin Manadan Wilson realized at a very young age that his passion was operating cameras. He was raised in a middle-class family where updating to the latest technology was not really easy, but Belwin managed to follow his passion to pursue a diploma in order to secure his future.  He is finding Conestoga College’s Television and Independent Productionprogram is a great step for his future career, and his current job is being good student. Belwin enjoys taking pictures and videos and is more comfortable editing footage of his own videos than anything else. That’s how he knows it’s his true passion.  In the future, Belwin would like to become a successful entrepreneur. He hopes to maintain a touch of himself in every environment he engages within.  Apart from this, Belwin has an interest in helping homeless people and abandoned dogs and animals.







Cailey Hookey started her passion to take photos and do videos at a young age, always having a camera in her hand even before she started classes at Conestoga College. The Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College allowed her to expand her knowledge and skills with film and cameras.  Cailey is comfortable being a camera woman and editing video and is acting as a camera person and the editor for Sports Uncovered on Conestoga Connected. When not working on school projects, Cailey is out taking photos or doing little videos for friends. Cailey also spends time riding and taking care of her horse, Lilly.  After school, Cailey hopes to do freelance photos and videos.








Eric Hanson was a born to be entertainer when he started acting on stage at the age of 8. He always had an extreme passion for storytelling and making people laugh. He began writing and directing his own movies at 12 years old. Ever since then, his love for film and television soon grew into a bottomless pit that could never be full.  Eric began acting professionally in films and commercials around the city of Toronto in his early teens, and, throughout high school, he won several awards for his scriptwriting and filmmaking abilities. His most recent award was for Best First-Year Original Scene at the 2019 Media Awards, for a short film that he wrote, directed and starred in, named Bad Luck Benas part of the Television and Independent Production at Conestoga College.  When he’s not in school, Eric is also a gifted comic book artist and is currently pursuing his life-long dream of being a stand up comedian.







Harsim Sacki, originally from India, developed a passion for photography and cameras from a young age because his father was a photographer. After winning second place in a photography competition conducted by THE HINDU all India level, he fell in love with cinema and filmmaking and decided to choose Cinematography as his career.  He began making films in his friend circle in 2015, when he normally took on the role of Director of Photography/Editor. Harsim began his studies in the Television and Independent Production program in 2018 at Conestoga College and operates the camera for Rap it Up.  In his free time, he captures moments with his Chinon 35mm Film camera and he is passionate about film photography. In the future, he wishes to join in the Film Institute and work as a freelance cinematographer.







Kay Shim has been passionate about cameras since she was young. After she joined the Television and Independent Productionprogram at Conestoga College, she had a chance to work with various cameras, as well as develop her video editing and motion graphic skills.  Kay shows creative camera movements and by adding cinematic look for Eat the Extreme, also she is editing videos and creating graphics for the show.  Beside school projects, she has been creating videos and taking photos for the Conestoga College International office as a social media ambassador. She enjoys taking portrait photos as well as drawing portraits.  After graduation, Kay hopes to work as a cinematographer or editor in a film, broadcast or advertising agency as a video producer.








Lauren Brock has enjoyed acting, singing and video production from a very young age. Her favorite movie as a child was Annie because it sparked a love of music and film in her. Shakespeare has had a huge influence on her life as she loves his plays and studies them often. Live theatre has always had a large place in her life as well. Since she was young she would watch and participates in both plays and musicals.  Since coming to Conestoga College, Lauren has explored her already existing love of film and has become even more comfortable with a camera and the film process. She has explored many different platforms for content creation such as Instagram, Youtube and Twitch.  Lauren spends her free time reading, writing songs, playing various kinds of video games and streaming them.







Mehardeep Singh has a passion for telling stories through a camera’s lens. He became obsessed with films and new camera equipment ever since his grandfather gifted him a Pentax film camera. After joining Conestoga College’s Television and Independent Production program, his focus towards film and television became more clear.  Mehar is experienced both behind the camera and on the computer doing post-production. He likes to learn about new cameras. He is comfortable with Adobe’s Creative suite to create effective content for the audience. He is doing both camera work and editing for Eat The Xtreme.  Mehar also works as an Assistant Videographer and Video Editor for the Online Learning Centre at Conestoga College, where he showcases his skills in cinematography and editing.  He’s also been a drummer since he was 10 and likes to do jam sessions frequently.  After finishing College, Mehar wants to work as a Video Producer for a major Media Company.







Morgan Jadischke is an independent filmmaker, music producer, rapper, graphic designer and host of Rap it Up on Conestoga Connected. He is adept in editing video in Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve, as well as advanced post production in Adobe After Effects.  Morgan took the Broadcast and Independent Production program to further hone his skills in editing and behind the scenes work that he developed a love for in high school.  When he’s not working on assignments, Morgan is working on new albums and music videos for his personal work and with his friends. He loves writing lyrics and producing beats for he and his friends to rap over. Morgan also loves messing around with footage in After Effects and learning new skills in other editing software.  When Morgan is done in this program he is thinking about continuing schooling in music productions and has always had a dream to have a Masters degree







Sanskruti Shelar, AKA Sasha Shelar, has always had a passion for film. Since childhood, she was curious to find out what happens behind the scenes and how they make films look desirable to watch. Then she joined the FX School to do filmmaking. After a year, she decided to go international and came to Canada, so she could learn their techniques. She joined theTelevision and Independent Productionprogram at Conestoga College. There she is learning more about television industry.  She is the director and co-host of Eat The Extreme. She is very excited to show the audience how extreme she can go to try new, and very rarely eaten food. She is also currently working with Rogers TV and producing short films and music videos.  After graduating she desires to work in a film production company. Her goal is to direct feature films







Skyler Wade has a keen eye for appealing visual aesthetics in all forms of art and media. A great colour pallet and proper use of the rule of thirds is always important to his work, whether it be for video or graphic design.  He decided to join the Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College because he wanted to sharpen his skills in order to create the projects he has been thinking of making since a very early age.  Skyler draws much of his creative inspiration from 90s video game culture and includes many of those visual elements in his work.  Fitting right in with his interests, Skyler can be seen hosting the retro culture segment Next Level Nostalgia.  After graduating, Skyler is looking to start a music video production company called Holographic Digital. He says music videos have the most creative freedom, and over the top visuals and effects are the most accepted in this area of video.







Sydney Fisher has always loved working with cameras ever since she was a little girl. She could spend hours upon hours editing a video for class and enjoy every second of it. Since joining the Television and Independent Production program, she’s been able to fine-tune her skills and dive into the world of production.  For the show Tri Inkshe’ll be able to practice her editing skills to make her segment engaging to its audience, as well as being able to take herself out of her comfort zone by booking and interviewing guests for the show. She is excited to practice her producing skills while making Tri Ink. Sydney hopes to work for a video production company when she graduates from Conestoga College.








Tayler Van Ymeren grew up outside of the small town of Norwich, Ontario where he was raised on an apple orchard. He always had a passion for the creative industries and put that passion to work when he started the Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College.  Tayler enjoys being on-camera as well as spending time editing and writing new stories. For Sports Uncovered, Tayler will be putting all of his skills to the test where he will be acting as a host and producer. Outside of videography work and spending long hours in the editing suite, Tayler volunteers as a coach for Norwich’s midget rep hockey team. For fun, Tayler enjoys playing and watching sports, but will also find himself creating music and spending time with friends.  After school, Tayler hopes to work in sports video production as well as some freelance work.







Xenia Liu took an interest in videography a few years ago. Once at Conestoga College, she had a chance to properly learn the process and techniques of videography which further increased her interest. While there is still much to learn, Xenia enjoys the editing process of videography the most. In Eat the Extreme, Xenia is excited to combine her love of trying new foods with hosting. She believes it will be a fun and delicious experience.  After graduation, Xenia hopes to work as a videographer. She originally wanted to work within the food industry, but upon coming to Conestoga and learning about the different job options that interest her, she has yet to settle on an idea. She hopes that being part of Eat the Extremewill help her come to a decision.








Zach Byrne had always been fascinated with television and broadcasting ever since he was a child, but it wasn’t until he developed a passion for basketball in his teen years and eventually joined the Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College that he was able to get some perspective and hands-on experience on how sporting events, news, and other television programming comes to life.  Zach is extremely comfortable being the man behind the camera as well as editing footage and writing scripts, which is exactly what he’ll be doing for the Sports Uncoveredsegment on Conestoga Connected.  When Zach isn’t shooting footage for his segment, he’s shooting live sports coverage as a member of the Rogers TV mobile crew.  After school, Zach hopes to continue to be part of the sports broadcasting world as a camera operator, or commentator.







Amal Basil Paul identifies himself as traveller whose way of seeing the world lies inside the viewfinder. Perhaps that has him seeing every nook and corner of this world in its finest and most beautiful form.  As he stepped onto the Conestoga College campus, he recognised how much he would enjoy the interactions with capturing the moments into camera.  Amal sees himself eventually working on Docu-Films to connect one part of this planet to another. He believes the power of media is what keeps this world united. When not creating work for school projects, Amal is freelancing as a photographer in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region. Upon graduation, Amal wishes to work for what he believes in, through an independent production run by vibrant team of like-minded individuals. 








Travis Over has an obsession with post-production. He started early on in high school, and after building his first computer, he quickly found that he loved doing art and creating content on the computer. Little did he know he would soon join Conestoga College to learn how to shoot with a camera as well.
Since then, Travis has dedicated every day to the practice and art of film-making, and what it means to be a content creator. From basic graphics, to full videos, each day brings something new to his skill set. His role as host and editor for Through The Lensuses his behind-the-screen skills, and also allows him to work on his on camera performance, honing in on dynamic, meaningful storytelling. Once he has graduated, Travis hopes to find work in the VFX community, but he is open to trying more hands-on work with the skills he has gained with a camera







After graduating high school, Shawn Bradley didn’t know what he wanted to do with his future. After bouncing from job to job for a while, he developed an expanding interest in the art of Film Production. Shawn decided to prepare himself better by attending Conestoga College, gaining the skills he would need in his newly discovered dream.  Shawn strives wherever possible to take on leadership positions, wanting to direct and produce in the hope of turning what he learns into a career. Where he fails in teaching himself or learning on the fly, he will always make sure to learn from his peers.  In his new segment coming up on Conestoga Connected Press Play, he will be helping his team cover the most recent news and events in gaming (video games). His part will include equipment handling, directing shots, paperwork, and making sure things run smoothly on set.







Thomas has always been dabbling in the world of video.In his early years, he competed in many Skills Canada competitions for graphic arts and video production. After a few attempts, Thomas was able to win 2nd and 3rd place medals for his division!  Due to his loving and friendly personality, Thomas hopes to engage the audience by getting the interviewees as interested in Press Play as he is. His hobby for games continues to grow, and he is striving to bring his competitive edge to the show!  In the near future, Thomas hopes to be working for a broadcast within the e-Sports world, exploring the freelance markets the world of corporate video. With some hard work and dedication, he will be nothing but certified!







Mackenzie always seemed to have the filming bug in him. As far back as 2007, he was uploading his very first few YouTube videos. Since then his passion for media has grown, and he soon discovered and fell in love with the world of editing.  As the main editor of Press Play, Mackenzie is hoping to produce quality content based on another love of his, video games. From the PS1 all the way to the PS4, Mackenzie has been infatuated with games and is excited to show people this diverse form of entertainment.  In the future, he sees himself working on a plethora of projects. Primarily, he wants to work in the online space and develop video content for influencers and businesses. Nothing is too crazy an idea for him. Mackenzie says bring it







At a very young age, Joel DesRoches has been fascinated with the production of film and television. Attempting to make short films and trailers throughout high school with whatever equipment he could get his hands on. Joel feels at home in a producer roll, but is also comfortable in host, director and editing positions.  When Joel has free time away from making content, he enjoys playing guitar and drums, woodworking in the shop and relaxing while throwing on an 80’s classic. Since day one in the Conestoga TV broadcasting and Independent Production program, Joel has been putting in the work to create the best content possible and hopes to continue to do so right into his future career.








Austin Pollard enjoys producing, directing, shooting, and editing video content. From a young age he was obsessed with movies and watches a film a day. He is the producer on the segment Tech Talkand is thrilled to be in the Television and Independent Production program. Having access to equipment, working with others, and learning the hard way has been extremely beneficial for him. Austin is the director of the season 12 opener of Conestoga Connected, and is excited to be back in the studio.  His crew received the award for best first-year original scene, where he was responsible for the cinematography. During the summer he freelanced for Buzz Media and was tasked with the job of editing thousands of dance videos at a Dance Canada competition held in Quebec. He hopes to work with an independent production company after he’s done college and is looking forward to it.







Sophie Luong is a travel and photography enthusiast. During her travels with friends, she preferred to record her journeys on video rather than taking photos. Since then, she has had a desire to become a videographer, so she joined the TV Independent Production program at Conestoga College to realize her dream.  In World Food Now, Sophie works behind the camera and is involved with post-production, which are areas that she feels most confident about.  Before beginning new studies at Conestoga College, Sophie graduated with a Multimedia diploma from her home country and worked as a graphic designer for several years at companies and as a freelancer.  After graduation, Sophie wants to work in a film or production company.








Riley Power’s passion for film started when he started making videos with his friends in high school. Riley chose to chase that passion by attending the Television and Independent Productionprogram at Conestoga College. Since joining the program, Riley has had a better hands-on experience, and he always improving his skillset.  Riley prefers to work behind the scenes, whether he is working the camera or in the editing room. Riley will be taking on those roles for the segment Pain and Game.When Riley isn’t working on a video, he likes to spend his time making music, creating graphics in Photoshop, or just hanging out with his friends.  Once Riley completes school, he hopes to work in film production.









Mitchell Sommer has been a long-standing fan of film and has always had an interest of what goes on behind the scenes.  Through the Television and Independent Productionprogram at Conestoga, he is able to dive into that world and start producing stories of his own.  With Tech Talkhe is excited to learn about new technology surfacing in our area. In the segment he takes up the role of lead camera operator and editor. He is eager to work with his skilled team on Conestoga Connected and produce more content.  In the near future, he hopes to work on a large series production or feature film. There is nothing he enjoys more than seeing a story come together from the ground up.








Andrew Mcfarlane has a strong passion for filmmaking and photography. He has over seven years experience working in technical theatre, filmmaking, live event videography and photography. After joining Conestoga College for Television and Independent Production, his skills have grown with access to the proper tools for the job.  Andrew has a diverse skill set, but is most comfortable directing or working as a director of photography.  When Andrew is off set, he can usually be found collecting vintage cameras or hunting for obscure vinyl records, as well as classic movies.  After school, Andrew hopes to find work as a director of photography or working as a freelance camera operator.








Aditi Patel was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, India. She began an obsession with cinematography at her first job with a wedding production company. She decided to move to Canada and join the Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College in hopes to get the opportunity to get her hands on a proper camera.  She is currently working as a cinematographer and editor for a segment called Tri 2 Connect, which brings different stories of people, places and events from the Waterloo Region. She also has a role as one of the Senior Editors for Conestoga Connected.  After obtaining her diploma, Aditi wants to start at a film or television production company but ultimately achieve her goal of becoming a cinematographer for an award wining film.








Arlen Otten has been fascinated with films and the work that goes into them since a very young age. Originally, he wanted to be an actor, and in 2016 he went to Niagara College for Acting for Film and Television. Eventually he moved over to Conestoga College’s Television and Independent Production program, to focus more on production.  Now Arlen is a producer on World Food Nowand one of the camera operators. Originally from Guatemala, Arlen is excited to find, and share, places that offer food from around the world right here in the K-W region.  Arlen enjoys producing, filming, and lighting, and aspires to be on the crew of a feature film someday. When he is not doing media-related things he enjoys going out on walks and exploring new places.








Chris is developed a love for the field of film and television in high school and has been developing skills ever since. Once started at Conestoga College, he became much more serious and diligent in his projects.  Chris is a confident editor that can tell an interesting and compelling story through his creative cuts and special storytelling style. Chris is not shy to jump in front of the camera though with a commanding presence.  For Conestoga Connected, Chris is the host of the segment World Food Now, and is the floor director in the studio. Chris is always prepared to do his part on the team and pick up the slack where needed.  For the future Chris looks to corporate videos as a means to make an income and gain valuable experience in the field.








Connor MacMillan took a path less travelled on his journey to Conestoga Connected. He had originally moved to Kitchener from North Bay to take the two-year Marketing program at the college. After a rough year with the college strike, Connor decided to refocus, and began the Television and Independent Production program. There he became enamored with the post-production, hosting and graphics work involved in the broadcasting world.  The rest they say is history. Connor currently hosts the Tech Talksegment of Conestoga Connected and is the social media coordinator for Conestoga Connected, planning on putting his new skills and marketing background to good use as a freelancer and business owner he is excited for the future.









The world of film sparked Mia Alvarez at a young age through Disney classics. Later, taking part in the Arts program at Eastwood Collegiate involving music, visual art and drama, she found that acting and directing plays swung her in the right direction. The Television and Independent Productionprogram at Conestoga College called her name. There she chose the camera over the stage. The variety of skills she has learned in the studio – filming, editing, writing scripts and even touching into graphics – has allowed her to come as far as creating her own show. Now she is a proud producer of Tri 2 Connect, inspiring others one frame at a time.  Mia hopes to someday in the future, harness all the knowledge and skills she has obtained to direct a feature film.








Bojan Vincic has had a fascination with film and television for most of his life.  He grew up watching countless movies and TV shows and admiring directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese. He now hopes to follow in their footsteps as he pursues his own filmmaking career.  Bojan’s main focus is shooting and editing, but he is a very strong writer and performer as well. He is the main editor and one of the co-hosts on the Conestoga Connected segment Pain & Game.  For the last ten years, Bojan has been making music and battle rapping, and he plans to one day produce and star in a series that incorporates his hip-hop talents with the videography skills he is learning at school.








Adam Randell always had an interest in the Television industry but never considered that it would be a career path for him. However, in high school in his ComTech class, Adam discovered that he indeed had a passion for the industry and decided to join the Broadcasting Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College.  Adam now works on the segment, Tri 2 Connectwhere he films, edits, and creates content for stories that connect and inspire people in various ways. On top of segment work, Adam also does in-studio work for Conestoga Connected with various roles behind the camera.  After College, Adam hopes to find a position as a videographer or a content creator at a production company or a news station.








Jeremy Martin started his fascination with videos and film later on in his life. After subjecting himself to hours of Youtube content and an assortment of different movies , he gained a hunger to learn how to shoot and edit his own work. It wasn’t until selecting a college that he found the Broadcast: Television & Independent Production course, and he immediately did whatever he could to take the course.  Jeremy is comfortable editing footage and behind the camera, he is the videographer/editor for the Tri Ink segment. You’ll usually find Jeremy in the editing room way too early finishing projects or learning more about After Effects.  When not working on projects, Jeremy likes to kick back and watch different movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and works by Quinton Terentino.  After school, Jeremy hopes to find work as an editor or as a videographer for live events.