Nicole Beer enjoys filming, editing, and animation. Her hobbies include cooking and digital art. She says she loves the Television Independent Production program at Conestoga College, and can’t wait to get out there and create something new and wonderful. You can see her in the Conestoga Connected segment, Rescue Tails!

James Chapeskie

James Chapeskie has shown an interest in media and film since he was a kid. James started making his own homemade comedic films at the age of 12. As he got older, he started showing an interest in music production and songwriting. When he was 13 years old, his parents got him a soundboard, microphone, and recording software. When James was 15, he released his first original song to YouTube. Today, James has released three original albums and continues creating movies with his friends and family, as well as creating professional music videos for his songs. James is the perfect host for the segment LIVE, Camera, Action! because he loves performing in and attending live shows. When James graduates, he hopes to work in the live production and entertainment industry operating live sound or lighting for theatres. He also plans on continuing creating music and music videos in his spare time.

Tyler Drew

Tyler Drew’s mind has been set on filmmaking ever since he was young, however this love for the art amplified, when his father showed him Inglourious Bastards at the age of fourteen. After this, Tyler has explored the world of filmmaking and expanded his taste in movies from superhero flicks, all the way to foreign art house films. In 2018, Tyler submitted his short film Mutants From The Moon! to the Peel Student Film Festival and was awarded first place in his category. He is excited to bring his talents to the sketch comedy series Bottom of The Bag where he’ll be tackling the roles of Director and Writer for a few episodes. After school, Tyler dreams of moving to Los Angeles, California where he hopes to write direct (and maybe even act) his own films.

Liam Gawne

Liam Gawne has always been questioning where he wants to go in his life. Going between many professions such as engineering and culinary, Liam has finally settled down in the industry of film creation through both the technical and creative fields. As an avid hobby fiend, he has learned dozens of skills from learning over seven programming languages, to graphic design, and even to 3D modelling learning every possible skill along the way. After graduating from Conestoga College from the Culinary Skills – Chef’sTraining program, he decided to return to Conestoga and is currently enrolled in the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program. Liam is working towards a job that can both feed his passion for learning new skills while also putting his already learned skills to good use. After graduating, Liam has made it his goal to use his skills and experience as a content creator to find the perfect job for him.

Ryan Giesbrecht

Ryan Giesbrecht one day found himself holding a video camera ringside at a professional wrestling show. Since then, he has developed a passion for visual storytelling and production. That passion has only grown as part of the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College. Ryan will be behind the camera for Live! Camera, Action! He is excited to showcase some great events in KW. Outside of school, Ryan can often be found on a hiking trail or with a book in his hands and always with music playing. He has previously competed an Honours BA in Philosophy at Brock University. After graduation, Ryan will be looking to apply his skills to live event productions.

Lauren Gray

Lauren Gray has had a passion for television from a young age, always fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes of her favourite shows. It wasn’t until she enrolled in the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program that she truly found her calling. For this season of Conestoga Connected, Lauren will be wearing many hats. She is looking forward to showcasing her skills as resident script writer and videographer for the segment Rescue Tails. She will also be taking on the role of both supervising producer and social media manager for the overall show, something she is very excited about. When she is not at school, Lauren is busy working as a maker space assistant, creating projects on a range of equipment from 3D printers to laser cutters. Upon graduation Lauren hopes to work her way up in the television industry, eventually running her own show.

Marvin Guevara

Marvin Guevara joined the Conestoga College Broadcast Television and Independent Production program to learn more about the live sports industry. It was his combination of one of his hobbies that made him want to enter this program. His biggest dream is to go and help produce a show in the newest wrestling promotion AEW. Marvin enjoys editing and always look forward to learning more about camera equipment. With the series Rescue Tails he is excited to show off the new camera skills he learned last semester. With the support of his other crew members, he knows Rescue Tails is going to be something special. Once done with school, Marvin hopes to find work with a live event venue for any kind of entertainment to build up experience.

Robin Kent

Robin Kent began her obsession with television and movies at a young age and begged her friends to help her creating silly home movies growing up with the family video camera. Since the first day of the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College, she has been soaking every up every new experience like a sponge. Robin is most comfortable behind the camera, no matter what her role is, but for Pretty Sweet, she’s donning her Producer cap and diving headfirst into pre-production. She’s excited as she’s a keen baker herself. When she’s not creating works for school projects, Robin is quite happy in her own kitchen baking up her favourite apple pie cupcakes to share or writing the next great script; or so she thinks! After graduation, Robin hopes to find work with a production company as an assistant and work her way up the ladder.

Shanice Millar

Shanice Millar’s obsession for Film/Television production began at the young age of 5 years old when she would watch, and re-watch her favourite Disney movies ensuring to learn all of the catchy songs and film scripts. She has always been an entertainer, performing for family and friends her favourite, memorized film scripts, so it comes as no surprise that she instantly gravitated towards the role as Host on the segment LIVE, Camera, Action! She loves meeting new people out in the action, so she is most excited to bring the LIVE experience to life. Shanice previously volunteered for RogersTelevision for their live productions and one day hopes to work in front of the camera for a large broadcast station such as TSN. She loves all elements involved in content creation, so she is so excited to begin her career in the industry.



Richmond Montgomery

Richmond Montgomery has loved the technicality of everything from a young age, but his interest in broadcasting started with his local TV station with a co-op position, and during his time there the editing bug got a hold of him and has loved it since. Richmond loses himself working on a project and just spend hours with every aspect of his projects, spending as long as it takes to get what he sees in his head to the editing suite in front of him, only stopping to a refill on his coffee. When not working on a school project, he can be found making graphics, and animation stingers for a Twitch streamer, or feeding his inner glutton on the Pretty Sweet series for Conestoga Connected.


Sarah Morin

Sarah Morin’s love of film came to her when her childhood love of writing became intertwined with a love of photography. She wanted to use her pictures to tell stories. So, film was the logical option for her. She is a script writer, actor, and camera operator on Bottom of the Bag which is a sketch comedy segment for the show Conestoga Connected. She wants to make writing her lifelong career, whether it be for advertisements, television, or film. Sarah hopes to spend her life doing the thing that she loves, despite being told her entire life that her learning disability would make this dream impossible. She loves dark fantasy, dark humour, and dark stormy nights; however, she hates slow internet, so she’s more into the concept of dark stormy nights than the actual thing.


Pauline Mungai

Pauline Mungai is passionate about creating and has been since she discovered the communication technology course in high school. She likes making the impossible possible with the skills she learns in the Television and Independent Production program. She’s passionate about every role available to her and wants to learn about many more different areas in the film industry. The Fraidy Cat Frights segment allows her to gain experience in all those areas in each airing episode, from producing to hosting, editing and working the camera. Pauline loves playing video games, writing fantasy books, and creating 3D characters and assets for her visual novel outside of school and work. After she graduates, she hopes to find work in the technical side of the television industry.


Jeffrey Polfuss

Jeffrey Polfuss has always had a strong interest in films as far back as he can remember. He wanted to be in movies as an actor, but has only recently begun to believe that his dreams are possible. He’s even appeared in several movies as an extra and has helped behind the camera as an assistant (gopher) in a few other movies most recently. Later in life he became interested in directing and writing. He has directed and written over a dozen short independent movies. Some of these movies have been in independent movie competitions and have been shown on TV. Jeff hopes to gain valuable experience by through Fraidy Cat Frights by gaining experience in appearing on camera and conducting interviews, as well as improving his camera and audio skills. All this is important because Jeff also hopes to work in a TV studio one day. 

Ben Ribble

Ben Ribble has always loved storytelling from written works to film and even video games. His passion for filmmaking came from his love for storytelling. After years of consuming various forms of media that told stories in different ways, he determined that Film and Television are the greatest forms of storytelling. Film combines many of the artistic fields into one supreme artistic expression, visual art, music, sound design, animation, sculpting, puppeteering, writing, cinematography, etc. Almost every art form is or can be used in the production of film, which is why he believes it to be the ultimate art form and furthermore the perfect medium in which to tell a story. He strives to express his creativity through writing and directing and various other forms of storytelling, even if it be outside of film, as there is still something to be said about other artistic mediums. Ben is one of the writers and directors on Conestoga Connected’s, Bottom of the Bag, because he believes comedy is an underrated and under-appreciated storytelling tool. Ultimately, all Ben wants to do is tell stories and make connections to people he may never even meet through them.

Rylee Sauve

Rylee Sauve had admired the art of videography from a young age. At 8 years old, she received a blue video camera that she used to make videos with her friends. As she got older, she indulged herself in high school tech courses. Right after graduating high school she jumped into Conestoga’s Media Foundations program to gain overall knowledge of the field. However, due to her love of video, she found the TV Broadcast program was perfect for her. Although she adores being in front of the camera, thanks to her years of theatre experience, Rylee has decided to spend more time off camera for her segment Fraidy Cat Frights. She specifically wanted to focus more on post-production and plans on editing her segment. After she graduates in 2022, Rylee hopes to one day start a production company where she can write and direct her own movies.

Amy Anstett

Amy Anstett has always been passionate about television shows and movies. From googling actors/actresses, to watching interviews, to visiting sets and making fan edits, it became evident that pursuing a career in the television/film industry was a step closer in the right direction. Amy was first introduced to filmmaking in her grade 12 year of high school in her Communications Technology class, producing a short, 3 minute film. Holding a camera and learning all the different shots and angles, furthered her want to learn more and lead her to the Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga. Amy is very excited to be part of the show Conestoga Connected and to be the writer of Adventure Quencher. She hopes this will inspire others to satisfy their own thirst for adventure. After graduation, Amy hopes to take some more college classes to really get familiar in the field. She hopes to become a director of photography/cinematographer.

Artemis (Artie) Austin

Artemis (Artie) Austin has had a love for visual arts ever since he opened his eyes, drawing every time he has a pencil in his hand, taking photos with his flip phone as soon as he could, and writing fan fiction as soon as he was shown a keyboard. Through the Broadcast Television program, Artie has realized his love for editing, and will often undertake multiple personal editing projects at a time just for fun. So, it comes at no surprise that Artie is the editor for Adventure Quencher, as well as one of the rotating hosts. Artie spends the rest of his free time doing freelance art and photography, as well as petting his cat, Ghost. When Artie graduated he hopes to script write and edit for a film or television production company.

Will Flemming

Will Flemming is a storyteller at heart. Whether it is recounting a story to friends or writing a script, the Broadcast Television program at Conestoga seemed like a natural fit to pursue his passion and test his creativity. From watching every new trailer to spewing out random trivia, Will is an avid fan of film and television and has long dreamt of a career in filmmaking. In this season of Conestoga Connected, Will is one of the supervising producers, aiming to continue the upward trajectory of the show. But he will also be hosting a segment, bringing some humour and a light-hearted demeanour in front of the camera for Signature Move. Outside of school, Will enjoys spending time with his friends playing sports like volleyball and golf. After school, Will aspires to become a recognizable name in the film industry.

Dylan Godbout

Dylan Godbout originally hails from Sault Ste. Marie, ON moving to the KW area around the age of two. Loving the theory of sports, Dylan started his career in armchair coaching very young, wanting to know the nuances of any play (mostly football but evolving with age). This stemmed into interest of the behind the scenes of the sportscasts themselves, eventually evolving into a love of movies both on screen and off. Dylan is currently pursuing his passions within the creative industries at Conestoga College. He’s hoping to graduate mid 2022 with honours and pursue his life long dream of sportscasting. Whether it’s as a production assistant or the main talent, Dylan is willing to do it all. Dylan is working within the show Sports Rehashed as a producer/writer and is excited about the science aspect of the show. Doing most of the math work would be a problem for some, but he is willing, able, and excited for this opportunity.

Jon Grande

has always been fascinated by the creative process behind great art, be it television, film, or music. With very little previous experience using a camera or editing software, he realized video production would be a great way to not only learn something new, but also provide a creative outlet to put his already established skills to use. Since enrolling in Conestoga’s Television and Independent production program, Jon has found a deep love for video editing, but in season 14, he will put his on-camera skills to the test as one of the hosts of Conestoga Connected, as well as a crew member on the segment History Heroes. After graduation, he hopes to grow his business, which aims to help local entrepreneurs learn the value of marketing through video.

Zeeshan Khamis

began his film journey on a whim when he decided one summer vacation to learn how to edit video by himself. A white-hot flame of passion for content creation began and has never been extinguished since. Since joining the Broadcasting Television program at Conestoga College, his skills to use industry standard equipment and techniques has increased tenfold. Zeeshan is excited to be behind the camera and editing footage for Signature Move and will be diving head first into post-production. Additionally, Zeeshan is proud to be one of the Senior Editors for Conestoga Connected. When not creating video for Conestoga College, Zeeshan is freelance video editing for online content creators and e-sports organizations; helping them with daily YouTube videos and sponsorships as both an advisor to other editors or as a video editor himself. After graduation, Zeeshan hopes to find work within the television industry for a production company.

Sam McInerney

has always loved making videos, ever since he was a child with lofty goals of being a famous YouTuber. This led him to Conestoga where he has had that chance to work on exciting projects. While Sam can easily waste an entire day inPremiere pro, when he isn’t working he enjoys spending his down time reading, and playing games online with his friends. He also enjoys learning about history, and has recently taken a great interest in the world’s naval history, where his newfound passion has led him to host “History Heroes”. While freelancing might have been young Sam’s dream, grown-up Sam has greatly enjoyed the television broadcasting side of his program. Sam would love to work in the live television studio, and one day hopes to be a part of the broadcast team that helps cover Raptors Basketball.

Justin Morris

has had a passion for film making since an early age. Ever since picking up his first video camera at age nine, he has been determined to pursue film as his career. Justin has defined his dark style over the years in a variety of mediums, ranging from film to television, and even written works. Justin is comfortable preforming in front of the camera or sitting in the directors’ chair, however for Combat Corner he will be taking on the role of the producer.When not working on projects for school Justin spends his time writing and developing his future projects which he plans to bring to life. After finishing his education Justin plans to begin work with a production company. And eventually even manage a production company of his own.

Jamie Naundorf

Jamie Naundorf’s love for video began at a young age when he received a camcorder forChristmas. Over the years Jamie has enjoyed working on various types of personal projectsranging from sports to vlogs. Jamie has enjoyed the creative process in every step from writing,shooting, and editing videos.This is Jamie’s second year at Conestoga College where he will be using his talents to produceand film the sports themed show Signature Move. Through this show, Jamie has been able tocombine his love for both sports and video to create something he has a true passion for.When not creating content for Conestoga, Jamie enjoys editing GoPro videos from his pickuphockey, and creating clothes for his personal brand.After school, Jamie hopes to create sports content for a production company or on his own.

Luke Reinhart

was always interested in video making. He always found the process of filming and editing recordings into works of art fascinating. Luke finally got his opportunity to partake in filming and editing projects when he enrolled in Conestoga’s Broadcasting program.Luke feels as confident behind the camera as he is in front of it. For Sports Rehashed, Luke will be writing an interesting and informative show but also hosting sports breakdowns with special guests to teach the audience about the science behind sports.When Luke is not working on school projects, he is editing and filming solo work to better improve his skills. He also plays in an amateur soccer league which he films, and edits highlights of the games.After Luke graduates, he will look to continue his education to better improve the skills he learned previously, to help him build himself a brand recording and editing videos for others.

Utku Turan

was only eight years old when he went to the movie theater for the first time, and since then, he has had one goal in his life: going to a movie theater one day and buy a ticket for a film that he made. In order to get one step closer to hisdreams of filmmaking, he enrolled in the ConestogaCollege Broadcasting TV and Independent production course. Although Utku has great experiences in video editing, scriptwriting, and being behind the camera, he is currently the producer for his segment in Conestoga Connected with his team. Utku’s dream is to open his own independent production company and make legendary films that will touch everyone’s heart.

Jai Vanderheyden

Jai “The Battle Bard” Vanderheyden (they/them) is a colourful creative looking to take over the world through media. They aim to be a “Jai-of-all-trades” and use their skills to spread tolerance, knowledge and fun! Jai’s love of the weird and wacky has driven them to pursue many different aspects and genre of film and television. They are the co-host of Conestoga Connected, main host of Combat Corner, have worked as a camera operator for a race car television station, spent two years working at Rogers TV doing a live local talk show, and have acted in several Kitchener/Waterloo independent horror films.They are currently at Conestoga College to grow their skill set, learn as much as possible about the technologies and equipment available to creators, and take steps toward making their production company, “A Band of Bards™” a legitimized business that makes inclusive, intelligent content.

Hunter Todd

Hunter Todd is a second year student at Conestoga for the TV and Independent Broadcast Program. He’s also part of the History Heroes crew. He has always been interested in making films or tv since he and his brother got in to older media when they were young. His time at Conestoga has only furthered this passion for television. He would love to be a writer one day but also enjoys videography and can get lost for hours in both. In his, free time Hunter enjoys watching retro media, Pro Wrestling and Playing video games.

Austin Harrison has always shown an interest in film and entertainment. Growing up in front of a television, he learned rather quickly that he wanted to be apart of that world. He wanted to be a part of those projects he saw on the screen. He wanted to be apart of something bigger than himself. This passion for film, lead him to join the Media Foundations program at Conestoga College, where he slowly began to craft his editing style. This, along with taking on personal projects, allowed Austin to grow and adapt as an editor and create his own signature style. Austin tends to stay behind the scenes where all the magic happens. Whether its operating a camera or editing a silky-smooth transition, Austin continuously grows and adapts to new challenges. He has quite a few years’ experience under his belt, and he has truly found his passion for filmmaking and after graduating, he intends to eventually open his very own production company where he can produce high quality content for the critics of the world to see.