rehman abdul

Rehman Abdul is a student of Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario. He is passionate about creating engaging and informative content for various media platforms, such as documentaries, podcasts, web series, and social media. He grew up hearing stories that where his passion came from. He has experience in video editing and scriptwriting. He is also interested in learning new skills and technologies that can enhance his storytelling abilities. Abdul Rehman is working as editor and cinematographer for the series, Tires, Talks and Tailpipes. He is excited to work on this segment because it is helping him to improve his skills which are really important for his future goals. Rehman’s goal is to become a successful producer and director who can inspire and educate audiences with his work. We hope he will be an inspiring director in the future.

ethan abernethy


erick Acevedo

Erick Acevedo began his career in television in 1997 when he entered the School of Dramatic Arts. With the title of actor and theater director, he worked on countless television series and commercial spots in his native country, Chile. As a result of that experience, a deep desire grew in him to become the creator of his own stories. For Conestoga Connected, Erick is very excited to play the role of producer in the Beyond The Needle segment since the knowledge necessary for this position is essential in any audiovisual production. Erick wants to be a film and television director. He has been fascinated by the idea of helping actors in the dramatic and technical aspects. Seeing the opportunity to turn his dream into a reality, he did not hesitate to enroll in Conestoga College’s Television Broadcasting and Independent Production program. He desires to finish writing and directing his first film.

kodi adams

Meet Kodi Adams, he is currently a host for the segment Shenanigans on the show Conestoga Connected featured on Rogers TV. Not only is Kodi a host for a community show on Rogers TV, he is also a host on a website Kodi’s segment on that network is a comedy show called “That’s Nasty”, where his crew and him eat disgusting food combinations for shock value. It’s a Riot! Kodi also has a wife enrolled at Conestoga as well and she’s in the Animation program. Kodi enjoys horror films, writing scripts and loves his beagle pup DOOM and his cat Bowser. Kodi dreams of completing his time at Conestoga and eventually finding a job in his field at a TV studio in Toronto. Afterwards, Kodi hopes to sell his script for the sitcom he has written and hopes to produce it one day and make it to the big leagues!

Altheya Alexander


ethan Amaron

Meet Ethan Amaron, he is a Conestoga College student who loves everything video and motion design-related. He is the Social Media Manager for Conestoga Connected where he is looking for experience creating short-form content to show future employers. He is the editor and co-producer of the series Shenanigans that will be airing on Rogers TV as part of Conestoga College. He has a passion for video and an obsession with sports and hopes to combine the two as he moves from post-secondary school into the workforce. Ethan has dreams of creating his own production company where he has the opportunity to work on projects that he is passionate about and hopes one day he can fulfil a long-time dream of working with Red Bull, creating videos and telling stories of some of the world’s best athletes.

diana Asprilla Pinzon

A student of broadcasting and TV production Diana is driven by a passion for creativity and innovation with a desire to combine marketing and project management skills with her passion for visual storytelling. Diana currently works as a part-time video production assistant, supporting the creation of a digital TV channel for Conestoga College. Some of her activities include developing and conceptualizing ideas for features and wraps, organizing and scheduling shoots, capturing high-quality footage, and editing. For Diana, this role has allowed her to gain hands-on experience and enhance her skills in video production. One of her goals is to transition into positions where she can apply her different skills in production management, storyboarding, scriptwriting, marketing videos, and content creation. Collaborative by nature, adept at working closely with talent, crew, and clients to achieve project objectives, Diana is excited to work in opportunities that produce impactful content.

Joshveer Atwal

Joshveer Atwal initially had a different career path prior to going to Conestoga College for Broadcasting. At first he wanted to pursue a career in policing, however during the pandemic he had doubts of whether or not policing was right for him. Unsure of what he wanted to do, Joshveer stayed an extra year of highschool and took a creative writing course. From that course and discovering the film Eraserhead, Joshveer gained a great interest in the art of storytelling and filming. Eager to know how to create and produce professional videos, he decided that he wanted to go to Conestoga College for Broadcasting – Television & Independent Productions in order to one day run his own production company after he graduates. Follow Joshveer Atwal and his team in the show Pursuits of Passion where they find talented entrepreneurs and see how they turned their favorite hobby into a successful career.

Jhunren Baluyot

Jhunren finds inspiration in the art of visual storytelling. His journey in the world of film has been a captivating exploration of sharing stories through the lens, giving life into narratives through visual cues. Currently, he serves as the Editor and Videographer for the segment titled Beyond the Needle. This project resonates deeply with his artistic sensibilities, as it delves into the narratives of featured tattoo artists, unraveling the reasons behind their pursuit of the artistic path. Jhunren is genuinely excited about the opportunity to share these compelling stories with the world. Jhunren’s ambitions are set on a path of continuous creation and storytelling. Post-graduation, he envision himself crafting more films, each one a unique exploration of human experiences, emotions, and perspectives. His sights are also set on a remarkable goal: attending Berlinale Talents, a prestigious platform where emerging filmmakers converge to exchange ideas and ignite the cinematic future.

jordan bayne

Jordan is ambitious, dedicated, and driven. Whenever he set my sights on something, he makes sure to do whatever takes to get it. He says that no matter how much he has to adapt or how hard it is, he will always make sure that he deliver results and keeps improving himself along the way.

camila Benevenute Schiavo Eliotério

Camila has long had a passion for film and media. Her interest in video media flourished as she pursued a degree in Journalism in her home country of Brazil. Upon completing this degree, Camila sought to further her broadcasting and film creation capabilities by travelling to Canada and pursuing a degree at Conestoga College. When she is not at school, she spends her time creating photography and assisting the marketing team at  her local library.

mitesh bhatia

Transitioning from a background in science, Mitesh Bhatia discovered a deep-seated passion for the broadcasting and independent film industry through a lifelong love of movies. He entered the realm of storytelling as a result of his curiosity about the magic that happens behind the camera. Mitesh Bhatia, who currently wears several hats while working as a producer, writer, and camera operator on Spooky Tales, is set for an exciting trip. He is thrilled by the prospect of seeing his creative efforts come to life on television. Mitesh Bhatia hopes to build a name for himself in the film industry after graduation, where his newly discovered skills and commitment will shine. His choice to enroll in the Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program demonstrates his dedication to transforming a passionate hobby into a successful profession.

alec Bish

Alec is an enthusiastic and engaging individual who is passionate about the world of media and entertainment. With a bright and joyful personality, Alec has embarked on an exciting journey in the industry. As the newest host for Conestoga Connected, Alec brings a fresh perspective and charisma to the role, captivating audiences with insightful and engaging storytelling. In addition to hosting, Alec also showcases his technical skills as a camera operator for Beyond the Fourth Wall, skillfully capturing the magic of each production. His attention to detail and dedication to their craft makes him an invaluable member of the team. Alec’s love for the media world is evident in his commitment to delivering top-notch content and creating memorable experiences for viewers. With a promising career ahead, Alec is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of media and entertainment.

anurag Bisht

Anurag is a dedicated student of the world of television and independent filmmaking. Her adventure in the world of television began with a curiosity to explore what happens behind the camera. While being in front of the camera, both as a host and a guest on various television shows, she discovered a burning desire to uncover the magic that occurs backstage. Her interests extend to various aspects of television production, from floor directing to producing and rolling VTR in the studio. She’s passionate about understanding the intricacies of bringing a production to life, and is always eager to learn and immerse herself in every facet of the process. She firmly believes that every aspect of the filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production, plays a vital role in weaving the narrative tapestry that captivates audiences. Join her on this exciting journey through the captivating world of television and film, where creativity knows no bounds, and together, she hopes to create magic that resonates with the hearts and minds of viewers.

Abhi Christudas

Abhi Emmanuel’s interest in filmmaking began when he studied com tech in high school. He came to the realization that his dream career would involve using film to express his interests. Abhi is currently enrolled in Conestoga’s Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program, where he will graduate in 2024. Abhi and a group of classmates are now producing a series called U GOTTA $HOP HERE that focuses on showcasing small companies in Ontario. He is eager to work on this series to use his video production expertise to profile neighbourhood businesses. Additionally, Abhi creates movies about his church himself. After finishing college, he hopes to continue honing his editing and gaming skills and to make a living by making more movies & and videos. 

Ethan collins

Ethan’s passion for filmmaking started when he took com tech classes in high school. Those classes made him realize he wants to express his hobbies through film for a career. Currently, Ethan’s been in Conestoga’s TV Production program for three years, and is graduating in 2024. Right now in College, Ethan & a group of students are creating a segment called U GOTTA $HOP HERE, which focuses on profiling local businesses in Ontario. He’s excited to do this, as he’s finally going to combine his video skill, into creating profiles for local businesses. Also, Ethan personally produces videos on his YouTube Gaming channel, during the summertime. He will continue to grow his gaming channel, after he graduates college, & also plans on producing more films & videos for a living.

jack cox

Jack Cox from a young age enjoyed making videos with his friends and creating stories in his head, and his hope with taking the Conestoga is to continue making videos and creating stories. Jack so far has been behind the camera or editing, but for I Could Do That Too! he’s taken up the role as its host and scriptwriter. He’s excited to test out his on screen and hosting abilities and try out some fun activities. When not working on school projects, Jack often practicing sketching or thinking up plots and stories for new projects. He also has a strong passion for music and a lot of his time is spent listening to it or talking about it. For after the program Jack hopes to work with a film production company, and down the road become a writer, director.

johnbert Dacanay

Johnbert Dacanay aka “JB” started as a hobby photographer and became a professional working with fashion, commercials, corporates, events and real estate. In, 2015 he fell inlove with videography and cinematography gradually learning how to film few of his passion films are uploaded to his YouTube channel and other social media, Worked in an advertising company as a DOP in Saudi Arabia, which gave him great experience in shooting commercials, products, shorts films and more… He always dreamed of coming to Canada to persue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He is working with series, Sweat and Success Stories where they show off professional athletes in Ontario for Conestoga Connected. He goes behind the camera and directs, the lights team and audio. Other than school he have small freelancing business and working in Conestoga Students Inc as Media Assistant that still giving him more experience.

ethan daub

Ethan found his love for the broadcasting industry in high school where he combined his six years of theatre experience with his love for the tech industry. After also becoming passionate with hockey in high school as well, it was clear that the path for Ethan was to pursue sports broadcasting. While Ethan loves being in front of the camera, for Can You Name It, he will be stepping behind the camera as one of the videographers. While not working on school projects, Ethan loves going for walks on wooded trails and exploring his other passion: playing video games; something he is very knowledgeable about. After graduation from the Television and Independent Production program, Ethan hopes to one day either get into the world of hockey broadcasting, either in front or behind the camera, or create a successful YouTube channel to express his love of video game

arun dev Devarajan Surija

Arun is a passionate individual dedicated to cinematography and visual storytelling. After completing his schooling, he embarked on his journey by earning a diploma in digital cinematography. His initial step into the industry led him to work as an assistant cameraman on a TV channel, where he gained valuable experience for a year. Recognizing the importance of furthering his knowledge and skills, Arun pursued a BSc in Visual Communications. During this time, he honed his expertise as a camera person, actively contributing to numerous shows and short films. His dedication to continuous improvement is evident in his decision to enroll in the Broadcasting Television and Independent Production program, staying at the forefront of the evolving creative industry. The Conestoga College Photography Club awarded him two times for best photography. Arun is comfortable handling the camera but handles editing, script writing, and audio for his series, Sweat and Success Stories. After completing the program, he aspires to establish a production company specializing in all stages of production for various video platforms

braeden Dileva

From a young age Braeden loved to watch films and tv shows, but it wasn’t until the Television Broadcasting program at Conestoga College that he learned he really had a passion for making tv shows and films. Since the beginning of the program Braeden has been eager to produce content as often as possible. Braeden is comfortable behind and in front of the camera as well as producing and editing, but for the series, Timeless Treasures on Conestoga Connected, Braeden is prepared to be the best host he can. Outside of school Braeden, spends time working on personal film projects as well as photography. After graduating, Braeden plans to work in the film industry.

razin fazil

Razin Fazil’s profound passion for sound and music began in early childhood, culminating in eight years of hands-on experience in sound engineering. This journey has uniquely positioned Razin to harness the power of sound in the realms of film and television. Alongside this expertise, Razin’s deep love for playing the piano enriches creative endeavors, elevating the auditory experience of every project undertaken. While Razin excels in the meticulous work behind the camera, sculpting immersive soundscapes, there’s a burgeoning enthusiasm for film production. In upcoming projects, Razin takes on the role of producer, combining technical acumen and creativity to enhance pre-production processes. Beyond sound and film, Razin dedicates time to crafting diverse talents through video creation for Artmonk Creative Monastery. Looking forward, Razin aims to secure opportunities with esteemed production houses, nurturing a long-term vision of crafting independent films that deeply connect with audiences. With a foundation in sound engineering, a musical heart, and an emerging producer’s spirit, Razin Fazil is set to leave an indelible mark in the world of audiovisual storytelling.

andre Fernandez Lopez

Andre is an aspiring filmmaker seeking opportunities to work as a writer and director. His focus is on creating films and TV shows that not only tell captivating stories but also explore the complexities of the human condition and the impact of our emotions on our personal and professional lives. To ensure the highest quality of the final product, he takes great care in overseeing the entire process, from pre-production to shooting to post-production, as the director. Andre’s goal is to bring these stories to life and deliver a finished product that exceeds expectations.

nupur Gaitonde

Nupur Gaitonde is a second year student at Conestoga. Nupur is a loud, friendly person who enjoys hosting, editing, camerawork, & more! Nupur is in the 2nd year of the Conestoga College Broadcasting-TV and Independent Production program & is looking forward to where it takes them!

gokul gopakumar

He is a dedicated professional with a deep passion for the world of film and television. With a diploma in Audio Engineering and eight years of experience as a senior Audio Engineer, he has honed his expertise in both live and studio environments, ensuring that sound and music harmonize seamlessly with visual storytelling. Beyond audio, his passion extends to cinematography, where he captures visually captivating moments, and editing, where he crafts a seamless narrative. His multifaceted skills make him an invaluable asset to the entertainment industry, consistently enhancing the viewer’s experience through his unwavering commitment to his craft.

Alvaro Guerrero Martinez

Alvaro Guerrero’s artistic journey began in childhood, painting walls and crafting characters that danced through his imagination. His love for art seamlessly evolved into an obsession with filmmaking and the power of storytelling. This led his parents to give him the amazing opportunity to attend Conestoga College’s Broadcasting program, where he immersed himself in every facet of the craft he had always yearned to master. Today, Alvaro stands as the director of the captivating Timeless Treasures segment on Conestoga Connected, where his creative talents shine. Beyond his commitments to the show, Alvaro dedicates his time to embracing art through his guitar or pencil. Alvaro’s sights are set on achieving recognition in the film industry or working for a video production company, where he can apply the skills he has honed and the passion and motivation he has always possessed. His story is one of unwavering dedication, poised to leave an indelible mark on the world through storytelling.

nirmal gylson

After completing his higher education, Nirmal ventured into the world of filmmaking, initially focusing on video editing and collaborating with music artists. As his journey unfolded, he took on roles such as Assistant Cinematographer and Editor, contributing his skills to over 20 music videos and commercials. Notably, he also freelanced for Netflix India. Nirmal’s ambitions led him to pursue further education in Canada, where he became a student member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. This significant step opened doors for him to collaborate with renowned Hollywood Directors of Photography on virtual production sets.In addition to his diverse portfolio, Nirmal also boasts experience working on more than 10 Malayalam feature films. His extensive background in the industry positions him well to bring back invaluable technical knowledge to South Indian cinema, aiming to elevate the quality of films in the region.

Brae Herbert

Brae Herbert started a small part-time job at a movie theatre in high school and has since fallen in love with film. She loved how infinite the creative possibilities were. Brae had never been interested in attending post-secondary school, but she felt motivated enough by this passion to pursue it. Alongside a love of film, Brae loves photography, visual arts, fashion styling, cosmetic arts, music, musical theatre, and pretty much any type of performance art. Brae also holds a special place in her heart for the dark and macabre. She has been turning heads for 3 years with dark heavy makeup and all black vampire-like clothing, as well as the heavy metal blasting from her earbuds. Don’t let her scary appearance fool you, she’s incredibly fun and friendly! Brae is the social media manager for section 3 of Conestoga Connected, and the producer for I Could Do That Too! In the future, Brae plans to move to Europe and pursue either independent filmmaking or corporate video/advertising in Belgium.

tayte horsfall

Tayte McKenzie was introduced to the film and television industry at a very young age. Her uncle is a freelance director and he constantly brought the ideas of the industry into conversation with her as she grew up. She participated in musical theatre inside and outside of her schooling and has always had a passion for entertaining. She later attended Laurier University for three years and pursued a degree in film studies until deciding to transfer to the Conestoga Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program for a more practical approach to film. Tayte is the Social Media Manager for season 16 of Conestoga Connected as she excels in social media marketing, producing and editing. She hopes to use these skills once she graduates to help create music videos for independent artists. In her free time, Tayte can be found listening to Noah Kahan and Taylor Swift as she deciphers their lyrics and teaches the world around her how their lyricism is pure genius.

lucas Ireland

Lucas has been a sports fan ever since he a very young age and has aspirations to take his on camera talents to the next level in the wide world of sports. Lucas is the on camera host for Behind the Fourth Wall. He also has done pre-production and post-production work for this show. Lucas is very comfortable in front of the camera and has done so for various projects during his time in the Broadcast-Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College. In his future, Lucas has his sights set on becoming a play-by-play announcer for a major sports league, most likely the NHL or MLB, all while enjoying every step of the process to achieve his goals.

shyra Joaquin

Shyra Marie Joaquin discovered her love for video editing after graduating from college, and soon after, she secured her first job in her dream Broadcasting company in the Philippines. She edited numerous television series genres like drama, rom-com, sitcoms, suspense, action, and documentary series. Shyra’s passion for video editing and storytelling encouraged her to further her studies at Conestoga College, where her program, Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production, helps her broaden her skills at all production phases. She works as a freelance video editor for various projects and as an assistant videographer for weddings and other events. For Conestoga Connected, Shyra will be working as a camera operator and editor for the segment Shadows of the Past. After completing the program, she plans to continue working in the film and TV industry and aims to establish her own post- production business.

agrim joshi

Agrim Joshi is a passionate person with an immense love for the entertainment industry. He discovered himself fascinated by the magic of movies at an early age. His love of viewing movies became more than a hobby; it became a motivating factor that would direct his career. In the segment, Thrifties, Agrim is taking on roles as both a director and producer, wearing multiple hats to bring his creative visions to completion. in addition to his aspirations of working in a production house and owning one someday, Agrim Joshi also has ambitions of becoming a versatile cinematographer and editor. This goal demonstrates his dedication to working and learning in the creative environment of the TV and film industry, supporting emerging talent, and creating exceptional content that appeals to people worldwide.

Shubh Jatin Kshatriya

With over five years of experience as a motion graphic artist and graphic designer, Shubh Kshatriya’s enthusiasm for this field stems from a childhood immersed in Mumbai’s dynamic film culture. The sights and sounds of film production were an intrinsic part of life while living in the heart of Bollywood. He wears several hats in this segment, from editor to cameraman to director. The documentary-style approach excites him because it allows him to uncover the fascinating stories of individuals. The apparent objective after graduation is to establish himself in the film industry. With a solid background in graphic design, cinematography, and editing, Shubh aims for excellence on the big screen. His commitment to pushing creative boundaries and transforming ideas into appealing visual realities drives this desire. The road ahead is full of opportunities for him to express strong stories through the lens of a camera and the beauty of editing.

oleander Jeoung

OLEANDER JEOUNG is a versatile storyteller with a profound love for crafting narratives across various mediums. He has a background in theatre – a bit of everything including acting, playwriting, and directing – and has shifted to the art of videography in the wake of COVID-19. As a self-proclaimed Jack of All Trades, Oleander is excited to be trying on different hats for Pursuits of Passion – one day a producer, another day a camera operator, and another an editor! He is also thrilled to be hosting Conestoga Connected, where he can indulge in his love for performing and connecting with an audience. After graduation, Oleander hopes to join a video production company, and then, ultimately, starting his own so that he can continue to do a little bit of everything, whether it’s in front of the camera, crafting scripts, capturing scenes behind the lens, or meticulously editing to bring stories to life.

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur discovered a love for TV at a young age while growing up in a peaceful town. This childhood fascination with storytelling and Manpreet Kaur’s journey into the world of TV production can be traced back to her childhood when a simple fascination with photography and editing kindled her passion. This initial curiosity grew into a deep-seated interest in the visual arts. She sharpened her skills, eventually channeling them into a rewarding career in TV production. Manpreet Kaur enjoys being in front of the camera and has works as an host in the segment on Conestoga Connected called Fairy Trails. She also has a passion for photographing nature in free time. After completing her studies, Manpreet plans to pursue a career in camera production and hopes to work as a reporter or host

Harleenjot Kaur Sidhu

Harleenjot Kaur Sidhu, who was raised by a single mother, developed a  love towards television at a young age. It is possible to trace Harleenjot’s entry into the world of TV production back to her early years when a simple fascination with acting and photography first sparked her love. This initial fascination eventually developed into a strong passion for the visual arts. She honed her abilities, finally putting them to use in a lucrative career in TV production. Harleenjot has experience working as an anchor for school shows and enjoys being in front of the camera. She is extremely passionate in hair and cosmetics styling. Harleenjot intends to pursue a profession in camera production after finishing her schooling, and she aspires to work as a host or audio.

sreyas Kozhummal Sasidharan

Sreyas’s interest in the film industry was sparked by his fascination with the intricate craft and skill involved in making films. He was always fascinated by how cinematographers and lighting directors could transform ordinary scenes into cinematic visuals by mastering light, composition, and camera work. In the series Thrifties for Conestoga Connected, Sreyas currently serves as Cinematographer and Lighting Director. He enjoys the opportunity to travel to new places and gets excited to learn about thrift stores and their owners. Sreyas hopes to work in a production company after graduation, where he can advance his career as a cinematographer or director. He is well-equipped to excel in the industry, having a solid foundation in film techniques and a passion for storytelling. Sreyas’ experience in lighting design and his unwavering interest in capturing the essence of unique locations make him an asset in the film industry.

ria Lachapelle

Ria Lachapelle has always had a fascination with how TV and film were created. It started out with an interest in cameras and photography, then grew into a love for discovering how movies were made. Ria enjoys learning about all aspects that go into creating a film. They were motivated to join the TV and Independent Production program at Conestoga College in hopes to one day work on the editing side of the industry, but has since been introduced to so many more new ideas. They are open to trying out all new techniques when it comes to filming or editing. They also love learning about all different positions in the TV studio and love working alongside people with similar interests and skills. Ria hopes to work in the film or even television side of the industry one day, they are open to gaining new experience and learning more as they go

ilya Leontiev

Ilya Leontiev has been obsessed with video creation and the art of visual storytelling since elementary school. After creating many videos for family, school, and local businesses, Ilya decided to join the Broadcast Television program at Conestoga College to pursue his passion further. Ilya joined Conestoga Connected as a floor director of the show itself and the producer of the Can You Name It?”segment. Ilya loves working with people and organizing everything to create the best possible product! In his free time from school, Ilya works at the Media Services department as a Videographer Assistant, creating engaging and entertaining content for the students and staff of Conestoga College. After graduation, Ilya aims to become a cinematographer and help create captivating stories that will bring value to all of those watching!

akhil madhu

Akhil V Madhu, hailing from the beautiful state of Kerala, India, has harbored a deep passion for filmmaking and television since his early childhood. His journey into the enchanting world of cinema began with his fascination for movies. As he grew older, Akhil’s horizons expanded beyond the borders of Indian cinema. This exposure opened his eyes to diverse storytelling techniques. Akhil has been pursuing his passion as a video editor since 2015. He embarked on this path with enthusiasm and dedication, honing his editing skills and seeking opportunities to immerse himself in the art of visual storytelling. Along the way, he had the privilege of assisting on various projects, including advertisements and short films. These experiences allowed him to gain valuable hands-on experience and collaborate with other creative minds in the industry. Akhil’s journey in the world of filmmaking and television is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft. His dedication, combined with his passion for storytelling, promises a bright future as he continues to make his mark in the world of cinema and television.


Mamta first became interested in filmmaking while taking computer technology classes in high school. She realized that his ideal job would involve using movies to pursue his passions. Mamta will complete the two-year Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College in 2024. A series called U GOTTA $HOP HERE, which focuses on showcasing small businesses in Ontario, is now being produced by Mamta and a group of students for Conestoga Connected. She is excited to accomplish this since she will finally put her skills in video production to work by making profiles for specific local businesses. Mamta also makes YouTube videos for her channel. She intends to continue honing her editing and editing skills after graduating from college and to earn a living by producing additional films and videos. 

thomas mccoy

Thomas McCoy is from Orangeville, Ontario, and hopes to make a big splash in the world of production. From his social media knowledge, to his good ear for audio, he is itching to move on from the small town and into the big city to film some quality stories.

brendan nixon

Brendan gained an interest in film through his YouTube channel and a passion for photography growing up. This passion followed through to his school when he got accepted for the Broadcasting-TV and Independent Production program at Conestoga College, furthering his knowledge on creating content. Brendan’s main interest in film is the Pre-Production side of things; particularly writing. He also has an interest in directing shoots and producing his own content. Brendan has been developing his YouTube channel and has recently begun a group channel with some other creators. When he’s home from school, he helps his sister’s band, Days on Parade, plan their music videos. In the future, Brendan hopes to create his own TV series.

Rajuji Odedara

Rajuji grew up watching Hollywood movies and documentaries on National Geographic. He fell in love with photography when he used the DSLR for the first time at his brother’s engagement event. That was when he decided to quit his chemistry college degree and started his photography journey. He completed his bachelor’s in photography in India. To follow his passion for visuals, he decided to study in Canada so he could work as a camera person on various productions. He is excited to start a new life in Canada after graduation, as he hopes he’ll be working at a dream job.

tito Olatunbosun

great Osa-oni

Great’s journey into video production began in his youth, as he found himself captivated by people recording videos. This fascination prompted him to acquire a semi-professional camera and dedicate over a decade of his life volunteering at his church’s media department. During this time, his passion for the craft flourished. Driven by his deep-seated love for video production, Great pursued a degree in mass communication at university. This educational path provided him with invaluable opportunities, including three distinct work-study placements that provided him with valuable insights into the broadcasting television industry. Today, Great thrives as a director, guiding both crew and cast on set. Moreover, he possesses a natural talent for meticulously organising and overseeing every aspect of a production, from pre to post. Great will be working as the director and camera operator for their segment for Conestoga Connected.

samjoe paul

Samjoe Paul became excited about knowing more about the intriguing world of television and filmmaking. He enrolled in Conestoga College’s Television and Independent Production program because he had always been curious about what it took to work in the film and television industries. He has delighted in playing a variety of parts in this show, including switching and operating the camera. His interest in other areas has also grown over time. He enjoys creating gym videos in his free time to share on YouTube or other social media sites. He also tries utilising unique editing methods to keep up with the trend. Samjoe intends to work as a camera operator or as a switcher for news channels after his studies are through.

mansi patel

Mansi Patel had always had an obsession for movies what happened behind the cameras. And when she enrolled in the college’s Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program and was able to finally hold a real camera there, that moment she knew this was all she ever wanted to learn and build a career ahead. Mansi has been researching about cinematography from a long time and is very relaxed when working with the cameras. On the segment she is the camera operator which is one of her positive perks because she is pretty good with handling different camera moves. She is very excited for shooting the segment. Apart from cameras, graphics is the other field that interests her. After graduating, she wishes to dig more into graphics and learn more about the GFX/VFX done for movies.

anmol punj

Anmol is an aspiring filmmaker with a passion for camera production and storytelling. During his time as a student, he has actively sought opportunities to gain hands-on experience in camera production. He has worked as a camera assistant and operator on various student film projects, where he honed his skills in framing shots, adjusting camera settings, and ensuring the visual integrity of each scene. He has also worked as director and producer for the show “Keeping Up with the Condors” a show filmed and produced by the students. He has also improved his skills in motion graphics and video editing and continues to gain knowledge about different editing software.

Khushi Prajapati

Khushi’s first choice as career was for ART, things did not work out but in a way got to this form of art. She does not have any experience in this field, learning things from zero at Conestoga College under BroadcastingTV and Independent Production. The most interesting thing for Khushi is working with the cameras, editing and producing. In the future, Khushi would like to Produce/Direct movies and short films on her own and be proud of her work. Until then she would like to work for companies which can give her knowledge and experience for later. 

David Sanchez

David Sanchez has a background in photography and loves working with cameras and video editing software, which he has been doing for the last ten years. He feels comfortable being behind the camera, finding the right angle, lighting, and composition. David discovered his passion for film right after he took some video editing courses during his photography classes back in Houston, Texas. After doing some video-related work, he decided to join the Broadcasting Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College. Going to Conestoga has given him the tools and knowledge he needs to thrive in this field, from doing pre-production work to post-production. As for future plans, David would like to be part of a production company where he can explode his creativity to the fullest as a director of photography and editor (of course, without leaving his other passion that led him to the film and TV industry: photography). Photography is something he will do even if he’s working in the film and TV industry.

Matthew Schultz

Matt Schultz gained an obsession with video production in high school and decided to follow his passion by joining the Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College. Matt is adaptable for all positions in a TV studio. So, for Can You Name It?, he’ll be taking up the role of host. When Matt isn’t creating content for school, he helps shoot and edit videos for the local viral YouTube channel, Hacksmith Industries, or coordinating a safe-walk home volunteer service in Waterloo named Foot Patrol. After school, Matt hopes to become a professional stuntman in film or television.

Sparsh sethi

Sparsh Sethi assumes the role of Director in the exhilarating Tires, Talks &Tailpipes car show segment on Conestoga Connected. With a profound passion for automobiles and a knack for cinematic storytelling, Sparsh’s journey into the director’s seat has been nothing short of thrilling. As the creative visionary behind Tires, Talks & Tailpipes, Sparsh seamlessly blends visuals and sound to deliver an immersive automotive experience. Hailing from a background steeped in photography and videography, Sparsh brings a unique fusion of technical prowess and artistic finesse to the directorial helm. Sparsh’s enthusiasm for the automotive world extends beyond the screen. The seamless interplay of audio and visuals within the automotive realm is where Sparsh’s passion truly ignites. Beyond graduation, Sparsh aspires to leverage this passion and experience to direct and produce captivating automotive content, leaving an indelible mark on both broadcast and independent filmmaking audiences. With a portfolio rich in hands-on experience and an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Sparsh Sethi is steering Tires, Talks &Tailpipes toward an exciting future, where every episode revs up the excitement for automotive enthusiasts and beyond

emma sexton

The captivating world of film inspired Emma to touch on her creative side and indulge in the uniqueness of the industry. As a young girl, she loved writing stories and mocking up storyboards that she thought would one day make it to production. She started to gain authentic knowledge in high school after working as a social media and communications editor on her student council. After that, she knew what she was meant to pursue and enrolled in Conestoga’s Television and Independent Production program. Emma is passionate about art and creativity. In the sixteenth season of Conestoga Connected, she will continue her passion for art whilst working as a producer and scriptwriter for Local Gems. After graduation, she hopes to work at a production company working on films or television series. She is sure she has found her calling and can’t wait for what the future holds for her.

farhan Shaikh

Farhan always had an interest in photography ever since he was a little kid. Clicking pictures on his father’s old Nokia phone is where he found his beloved hobby. After his high school he joined an Architecture program in India. As he always had a curiosity to understand the world and the making of things around him. Everything has a reason to be the way it is. Eventually he decided to finish his program and go deeper into visual arts and chose film making as the vehicle to tell his stories. The Broadcasting Television and Independent production program at Conestoga College is helping him tell the stories he always wanted to in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

subhani Shrestha

Subhani Shrestha is a passionate and joyful TV show host. Subhani has always been interested in being on camera and the world of television. Her passion for the television industry led her to join an orientation program for a live TV show. She got the opportunity to host a TV show, became a television personality, and hosted a couple of TV shows for three years. After some years working in the Television Industry, she decided to join Conestoga College and take the BroadcastingTelevision and Independent Production program. With the experience and learning Subhani is now confident in front of the camera and has the ability to connect with both guests and viewers. She is also good at producing and directing TV shows. Subhani hopes to secure a placement as a host, director, or producer after she graduates, and she is convinced that she can land a great position in her field at the end of her program.

devin shubaly

Devin Shubaly is a Conestoga College Journalism program graduate and hobbyist video editor who enjoys keeping video and audio pleasant to watch. He’s an avid user of Vegas Pro 20, After Effects and VideoPad for a safe and rounded post-production suite. Safe watching!

amandeep singh

Amandeep Singh is an up-and-coming talent in the film world, carving a niche for himself as both a skilled photographer and meticulous editor. With a passion for visual storytelling, Amandeep began his journey into the industry with a burning desire to capture life’s moments from unique perspectives. Amandeep, with several years of film background, has honed his skills and mastered the art of framing, composition and lighting. His keen eye for detail and innate ability to capture the essence of each scene has allowed him to create compelling images that resonate with audiences. In the editing room, Amandeep brings songs to life with smooth transitions, striking colours and precise pacing. His dedication to the development of each project is reflected in the final product, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the story. 

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is a second-year student in Broadcasting – Television & Independent Production at Conestoga College. He is passionate at the art of filmmaking and broadcasting. He has completed ample projects in this field, most notably a music video. He also has great knowledge about cinematography, direction, lighting and sound design. He has his origins from India and is keen about learning the art of filmmaking from his childhood. Currently, he is working on his group project (show) that includes making four episodes of a series called Shenanigans for Rogers tv, providing his expertise on sound and editing in those segments. The cast and crew will be going to different festivals and events and covering them in a fun and engaging way to give the audience ideas of places to visit this fall season.

sourej Suresh Beenakumari

Sourej realized his passion for filmmaking while working on projects for the annual high school event. He joined a video editing course and worked in a production company as a video editor. The video editing course he enrolled in served as a structured foundation for his technical skills, enabling him to precisely bring his creative visions to life. Later, he moved to Canada to pursue a career in the film industry as he joined the Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College. He is working behind the camera for the series, Local Gems, in season 16 of Conestoga Connected. After completing his studies, he intends to pursue a career in the film or TV industry.

Rahulkumar Sureshbhai Thakkar

Rahulkumar Thakkar began his career in front of the camera in the Indian television industry in 2019. He then moved to Canada and joined Conestoga College’s Broadcasting-TV and Independent Production program to explore opportunities group behind the camera. That’s when he fell in love with the pre-production side of the industry. Rahul loves to travel, explore, and try new things. He will continue his passion for being in front of the camera as a host and hone his pre-production skills as a segment producer. Opportunistic and career-oriented, Rahulkumar works as a television production assistant for the School of Creative Industries at Conestoga College. Rahul hopes to continue studying, exploring, and traveling after school and enjoy all that life has to offer. In the future, Rahul hopes his work as a producer, director, screenwriter, or actor inspires audiences and makes a positive impact on their lives

Kashish Suri

Kashish Suri is a passionate video editor and film enthusiast; she always wanted to learn what goes behind the scenes to make a film. She learned a few things about filming and broadcasting in high school. However, she wanted to learn more, so she took a one-year filmmaking course, and after completing that, she joined Conestoga and took the Broadcasting- Television program to gain hands-on experience and critical field learning. With learning behind the scenes process, Kashish is comfortable in front of the camera and confident while hosting shows. Kashish always works hard on school projects to deliver the best possible results throughout her learning experience. Kashish aims to secure a placement as a video editor, graphic designer, or host after graduation, and she is confident that by the end of the program, she can find an excellent job in her segment.

alyssa Trajanovski

From bringing ideas to a reality, Alyssa Trajanovski is passionate about the world of film and television. From a young age, she has been captivated about the process of how films have developed onto the big screen; prompting her to pursuing to enroll with Conestoga Colleges Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program. She has enjoyed her time learning about all the details of how to build and light shots, as well as take upon many roles throughout the studio like hosting and producing. Alyssa is a team player when it comes to helping, filling positions needed and working on the spot when challenges arise. You can see her work in the upcoming segment, Pursuits of Passion. In her free time, she likes furthering her creative side with photography and art. After Alyssa completes her studies, she hopes to join a film production crew to work as a camera operator, creating new films and series for audiences to see on the big screen.

Virat varde

Virat Varde developed a profound passion for visual storytelling from an early age, laying the foundation for a lifelong creative journey. However, it wasn’t until his enrollment in the broadcasting television production program at Conestoga College that he had the opportunity to translate his artistic visions into captivating visuals. he thrives in both traditional and digital art forms. His love for painting serves as an additional canvas for his boundless imagination to storyboard. Whether he’s crafting animations or short films, Virat approaches each project with unwavering dedication and an eye for detail. While at Conestoga, Virat is continuously honing his creative skills, experimenting with various techniques, and delving into the intricacies of visual storytelling. As a Director and editor, he also contributes his talents to creating compelling videos in his program. With a profound understanding of post production and a keen eye for artistic expression, Virat Varde envisions a future where he can seamlessly blend his skills into Broadcasting Television production and visualizer projects for films. He aspires to find meaningful work in the industry, translating his artistic talent into captivating on-screen experiences for audiences worldwide


Vishal’s passion for the broadcasting industry was kindled during his formative years, captivated by the transformative power of storytelling through the lens of a camera or the resonance of a well-voiced narrative. This early fascination evolved into a steadfast commitment to the field. Currently, as a dedicated segment producer, Vishal thrives on the creative challenges that come with shaping compelling content. His role is to curate, script, and direct segments that engage and inform the audience. The dynamism of the industry and its potential for positive impact keep him motivated and excited. Upon graduation, Vishal aspires to take on more significant responsibilities in content development and explore avenues like documentary filmmaking to deepen his storytelling prowess. His goal is to contribute to the industry’s growth, leveraging his years of experience and passion to create meaningful, thought-provoking content that resonates with viewers across the globe. Vishal’s journey in broadcasting is marked by a blend of formal education and hands-on experience, making him an asset in his quest to shape the future of the industry.

kale weir

Kale Weir became interested with film at a young age, he always wanted to experience what it’s like to work with cameras and create a movie, but it wasn’t until joining the Broadcasting-Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College that he had a chance to make that dream come true. Since beginning the program, Kale immediately knew that this was the right career choice. Kale is comfortable operating cameras and enjoys editing footage, but for Tires, Talks and Tailpipes he takes a turn at being in front of the camera and his host of the show. When not working on school projects, Kale practices cinematic filming and plans film projects with friends. After graduating from the program, Kale hopes to find work in the creative film industry or for a television production company.

Ridham Rajesh Yadav

Ridham loves film. Watching, filming, acting. His passion for the industry began when he was an actor at age 12. Having taken the role of a cinematographer after high school he has always enjoyed creating visual stories. Only at the TV Broadcasting and Independent Production did he develop his interest in TV Production. When the turn came to make a segment for Conestoga Connected, Ridham jumped in the role of a Host for the main show and the segment, Local Gems. “Time to get the fame back”, he said. After graduation Ridham wants to continue his path of becoming a Cinematographer and hopefully get to film some movies. Unless Conestoga Connected makes him famous, then he will be an actor. The future is bright!

oliver Zuniga

Oliver is a second-year student at Conestoga College studying TV Broadcast and Independent Production. Since the beginning of the program, he has been really excited for the content he can create and for exploring his own capacities in this field. He has two degrees in photography and five years of experience in this position, but he also has experience editing, writing and directing as he has worked on different projects like one ONU model called MONUP for an educational institution in Colombia where he worked as a staff manager. In his free time, Oliver enjoys editing or watching or listening different kind of multimedia content, but especially music because one day he hopes to become a music video producer or editor.