Anu Abraham

Anu Abraham knew her awe for thriller and romantic stories kindled her fascination to the world of crafting advertisements, documentaries and feature films. She started off as a copywriter at an advertising firm in India.She also graduated in social work and was actively involved in organizing community events and programs for the underprivileged. After moving to Canada, she was at a crossroads in her career, and yearned to work in the creative industry one day. She found herself eager to learn more and pursued the TV broadcasting and Independent Production program at Conestoga. She is the director of “The Basement”, a comedy mini-web series created and edited by her on Youtube. Now, she is the host and writer of “That Dream Job,” an upcoming segment for Conestoga Connected featuring stories of how locals landed their dream jobs. She is even more excited to work on this show as she believes the show will inspire viewers and herself in chasing their dreams. After graduating, she desires to work as a producer for a Television network in Canada. Her goal is to produce a drama series for television and OTT platforms.

Bruce de la Cruz

Bruce de la Cruz’s love for film and all things related started at an early age, when he began making stop motion films, and could be found documenting family events and interviewing family members and friends for fun with any camera he could find. He was further influenced in performing arts, as he began acting in small productions for school and summer camps. He decided to pursue film full time after taking a media course in high school. For Season 13 of Conestoga Connected, Bruce landed the role of Supervising Producer. He decides the show line-ups, location of the host throws, the social media content on all platforms, and making sure production stays on time.Upon program completion, Bruce currently wants to work for Tennis Canada, making promotional videos for them. Although, Bruce is happy making content for whoever needs it, as he finds joy in being creative.


Justin Fripps was first introduced to the idea of filmmaking in his Communications & Technology class during his senior year of high school. From that point on, Justin became fascinated with shooting and editing short films with his fellow classmates and would stop at nothing to gain more experience and learn new techniques. Justin is very comfortable operating a camera and enjoys editing in his free time. His passion for film led him to join the Television & Independent Production course to further his knowledge with editing, videography and writing. Besides producing promotional videos for Conestoga Connected and completing school assignments, Justin helps out on various music video sets where he fulfills different roles such as director of photography, production assistant and videographer. After Graduating, Justin hopes to one day open his own production company where he can produce more than just music videos.

Sagar Ashar

Sagar Ashar has been passionate about films and television since his childhood. But the opportunity for knowledge and practice came along when he came to Canada for pursuing Broadcasting TV and Independent Production at Conestoga College.The program opened a new window of knowledge for him along with a chance on the updated cameras and equipment used in film and television professionally. Sagar is technically sound with various editing software, but for his show titled ‘CCC-Currently coping with Covid-19’ for Conestoga Connected he is onboard with hosting the segment and producing the show. Apart from the various feathers to his cap, he also likes singing, dancing, photography and is equally passionate about acting in his leisure time from college. After graduation, Sagar hopes to work professionally in a film and TV production firm.

Brandon Guitar

Brandon Guitar has always had a love and a knack for entertaining others. Starting at a young age, Brandon and his friends enjoyed filming and editing skits together in their free time. Having found a medium that he was able to express his creativity in, Brandon continued producing videos in his high school Communication Technology class. Currently enrolled at Conestoga College in the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program, Brandon has been able to combine his passion for story telling with the skills he needs to thrive in the video production sector. His passion has led him to become the host and senior editor for Season 13 of Conestoga Connected. He brings over two years of experience having also graduated from the Media Foundations program at Conestoga College. Upon graduating, Brandon aspires to form a union between his skills as a content creator and his appreciation of music.

Aydin Golshaeian

Aydin Golshaeian came to Conestoga College for a Masters of Industrial Engineering, but he found his passion in the hallway of Conestoga College where he saw inside the studio where many students practised in front of the camera. Aydin loves cars and motorcycles and he also likes watching famous music videos. He has a passion to create and produce spectacular music videos. He always tries to learn new and fantastic ideas that directors use in their jobs. He is not shy, and he likes acting in front of the camera, but he prefers to work behind the camera until he is able to speak English fluently. Aydin has two goals, the first goal is finding a job for big companies like CTV and CBC and the second, the long goal is working freelance. Aydin hopes his experience in Europe and his Engineering certificate helps him in the future.

Kaeleigh Harris

Kaeleigh Harris was like every other high school student who didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, but dreaded the thought of an office job. Entering grade 11, her high school offered a wide range of communications technology including film class. After her first semester she was captivated by the film industry. College application time and she see’s countless colleges offering variations of the same course, she finally came across Conestoga and once again she was captivated, only this time by their T.V studio. It was at that moment she knew she would be using that studio someday. For Road Trip Kaeleigh is one of the videographers and segment producers. Kaeleigh is most excited for all the ways that nature will inspire her on Road Trip.

Sean Imrie

Sean Imrie has held a passion for film and television ever since he was a young child. This passion was sparked by inspirational creative directors from his childhood such as Spielberg, Lucas or Mel Brooks, to the John Carpenter and Kubrick films he loves today. He believes it is a medium that can touch the hearts and minds of any living person, and that it is an artform that can bring people together; especially in times of division. Sean finds himself most comfortable working as an on camera persona, but he is more than capable of doing positions in all sections of a production; including videographer, editor, producer, writer. After graduation, Sean hopes to land himself a job in a local video production house, or to find himself working on a film/television set in Toronto, Ontario.

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan is an Accountant but is pursuing a career in photography and videography. The passion for this field aroused with the growth in social media content. Watching vloggers making fun and informative videos triggered his hidden passion that came out after doing a Bachelor in Commerce. In order to pursue his career, he got admission at Conestoga college in “Broadcast TV and Independent production,” He is working as a “Host,” in this segment and is very excited about it because he gets to conduct interviews and ask his favourite questions. He is looking to become a freelancer once he graduates because it gives him the freedom to work with different organizations. He has his own YouTube channel where he has been posting videos about his passion of fishing and riding a motorcycle, he has gained a lot of experience which will benefit him in this course.



Jessika Molnar

Jessika Molnar has always had an interest in the arts. However, it wasn’t until she attended Conestoga College that she realized her true passion was for writing, telling, and piecing together stories in post-production. Jessika can easily spend hours in front of a monitor, editing footage into a final product. But for “Road Trip,” Jessika uses her bubbly personality to host their group’s travel series and take viewers on a cinematic adventure. Jessika is a full time student as well as a full time employee. Although her plate is full, she uses whatever free time she has to strengthen her online presence and work towards branding herself towards future employees in the television and film industry. Post-graduation, Jessika hopes to secure a job within a production company. She eventually aims to work on her very own Netflix Original series, either behind or in front of the camera.


Deep Pathak

Deep Pathak is always passionate about film and video. After graduating in business administration, Deep started his movie career and joined a film making academy in Mumbai. After a few years of experience, Deep wanted to get more knowledge about industry and technology so he started the Broadcast Television program at Conestoga College. From the very first day in college, he has been learning many new things about the media industry. Deep is comfortable with the new learning technique, camera operating and editing software. In the first year, he made many projects for school as a host, producer, and camera man. He also made videos for his YouTube channel. After school, he wants to open his own video production house and work for his local community. He is also interested in making films in Bollywood as he has experience as an assistant director.


Varun Patil

Varun Patil has a good eye for any kind of art. He always looks for out for aesthetic and pleasing visual appeal to his work. His love for camera and films came in bits and pieces. There were many experiences, times when he would watch a scenic view and try to capture that image mentally and when he was handed a camera for his birthday, those images were then stored and secured forever. His passion towards media drives him to a creative space which led him to join the Broadcasting Television and Independent Production course at Conestoga where he developed the ability to execute his skills into effective actions. Varun’s area of expertise is to be behind the camera capturing amazing content as well as editing it which perfectly matches his assigned role for That Dream Job. When not creating work for school projects, Varun is busy creating content as a freelancer for various clients. After graduation, Varun wishes to work at a Film Production Company or a Digital Media Agency.


Lisa Rafferty

Lisa Rafferty has, in theory, lived several lives, with multiple job titles under her belt. Notably, she spent several years in the indie music scene as a bass player and vocalist in local touring and recording bands. Eventually those late nights drew to a close, making space to contemplate a new career path that could creatively nurture her audio and visual inclinations. This led her to Conestoga College’s Broadcasting TV & Independent Production Program. As the Producer for “That Dream Job”, Lisa is able to build upon her skills in networking and pre-production. Lisa aims to create a future for herself where she can work with great people, developing beautiful and inspiring media content. Outside of production, Lisa’s free time consists of being outdoors, exploring trails on her bicycle, teaching yoga, and enjoying the many local craft breweries the region has to offer.

Ashley Shepard

Growing up, Ashley Shepard always loved going to the movies and as she got older she realized she wanted to be the one making them. Throughout her teen years she would find an opportunity to film her family’s newest adventure and see how editing can change the perspective of these trips. After high school, the obvious decision for her was to attend post secondary school and where else other than her local college, Conestoga. She has had a blast learning new editing and filming techniques over the past year and she can’t wait to showcase these skills as a videographer for her Conestoga Connected show, “Inside the Doghouse.” Ashley hopes that her experience with producing and editing a show by herself will give her the skills to land a job as a film editor after college.

Caitlin THOMAS

Caitlin Thomas grew an interest in the film industry from a young age. It grew from her passion for voice acting, which lead her to take on a co-op placement in high school for the television field. After working in the placement, she decided to pursue a career within the field. Working both on the camera and behind the scenes, Caitlin is taking on the role of editor for Road Trip, while also trying her best to make show graphics to try and grow her skills as a graphics designer. Caitlin plans to work within the television field to build up experience to earn money so she can go back to school. She would like to go back to school to learn game design. In her free time, Caitlin works on her freelancing job, making emotes for twitch streamers, as well as live streaming on twitch herself.

Jenny Ciupa

Jenny Ciupa is a second-year student at Conestoga College. She grew up in Waterloo, ON and played baseball from a young age. She hopes to one day be an announcer for baseball on Television or take photographs of anything and everything! She also wants to be a photographer for country music concerts or festivals! Or, to have her own YouTube channel one day with her dog and show him off!

Niko Encina

Niko Encina, hard worker on a mission to be the best videographer he can possibly be. It all started when he was young with a love for creating media content on platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. It started when he was young but grew rapidly as soon as he entered the Conestoga Broadcast Television and Independent Production program. Niko Encina is an amazing host and has some very interesting editing techniques, for A Covid Getaway, he is suiting up, getting behind the camera as the leading cinematographer, and excited to show his classmates what he is capable of. When not working on school projects, Niko is making side projects and taking photography for his many clients as he travels throughout the world. Implementing his photography into his videos is the spark that he loves to work with aside from traveling. Upon graduation, Niko plans to work more with videography/photography while traveling.

Dhwani Gajjar

Dhwani Gajjar started her passion to take photos at a very young age. She has always been interested in media and was always intrigued by various aspects of Film making. She did her Bachelor’s in mass communication with a short film making course and further decided to explore her passion with the Broadcasting Television and Independent Production Course. Dhwani is more interested in Post-production and editing but for Restaurant diaries she decided to wear the Producer Hat and host Restaurant Diaries for Conestoga Connected. After graduation, she wishes to work with a film or television production company.

Tyler Garton

Tyler Garton got into photography at the young age of 12, albeit he wasn’t the greatest he still enjoyed it. As he grew older, he got really interested in the creative process, so he transitioned into video. In the present Tyler is just as in love with the process as he was when he was a young boy. He decided to orient his life around what he loves; he is currently enrolled in the Television broadcasting program at Conestoga College. Prior to the Television Broadcasting program, he was in the Media Foundations as well as taking Comm- Tech for a few years in high school. Although he prefers being behind the camera/in the editing bay he will be the host of “Hidden Worlds”. He seems excited as he loves to explore the unknown. He hopes to end up working within the industry either on a show like Dr.Phil or to work with a company like Nike, creating advertisements/promotional videos.

Josely Hidalgo

Josely Hidalgo is originally from Ecuador, she developed a passion for all kind of arts from a young age, she loves music that’s why she got a bachelor’s degree in Musical Production and Sound. She worked as a sound engineer for the government of her country for a few years, also she got a Master’s degree in Corporate Communications in Spain, but she discovered that video production had always been her dream that’s why she decided to upgrade her skills joining the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College. She is currently working for the Online Learning Center in Conestoga College shooting content for some classes, editing audio, close captioning and more, that’s how she discovered her passion in video editing and now Josely is one of the senior editors of Conestoga Connected. After graduating she wants to work in the film industry or in a video production company.

Akhilesh kunnummal Ramesh

Akhilesh kunnummal Ramesh has discovered a deep passion towards films, with a deep dream to find a place in Hollywood. While it may be just a dream right now, it has a place in reality. Akhilesh is the videographer and editor for Project North and loves the intricacies of working a camera, all of which have only improved his skills.Akhilesh hopes to join a production company focusing on film making and creative story telling. However, he doesn’t want to close the possibility of working freelance for himself. Akhilesh would like to someday travel to America and see the sights and sound of Las Vegas, the beautiful beaches of California and the bustling streets of New York City.

Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis found a passion in this industry through the creative process of music making and its similarities to that of content creation. Seeing how influential new media was becoming, he delved into the independent creators of YouTube content and learned the diverse world of media production. Charles Lewis is the host of Conestoga connected Project North. With only hosting a few times in the past, Charles is excited to flex his hosting skills and expand his knowledge of the hosting role. Charles hopes to become a freelance video editor for content that interests him and expands his portfolio in a way he sees satisfactory to his creative integrity. Charles hopes to spend his days learning things about other cultures and philosophies, as well as a free time here and there to create music.

Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons’ admiration for all things technology began when they were a toddler. One of the first toys they ever played with was a computer. As life went on, Dan experienced an increasing amount of fascination for media and its creation. This led them to garner that passion into something towards a career after moving from Toronto. With their love of film, television, and computers – Dan had finally found their calling within the Broadcasting Television and Independent Production program. For the geocache focused segment Hidden Worlds, Dan is taking on the role of lead camera, behind the lens where they are most comfortable and do just some of their best work. They hope to land a position within the film production industry after graduating. When not working on school assignments and projects, Dan loves to take care of their many houseplants, play video games on their PC and skateboard.

Cam Mackenzie

Cam MacKenzie took an interest in public speaking early in his life when he excelled at a speech tournament in his last year of middle school. When he got to High school he set his eyes on becoming the lead anchor of his school’s video announcements and enjoyed every second of it. A challenge never scared Cam so when faced with the chance to pursue hosting in the Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga he jumped at the chance. Cam is excited to be joining the Conestoga Connected team as one of the two main hosts. After graduation Cam hopes to be working on his career and pursuing full time work in the TV studio. After classes he can often be found pursuing his favourite pastime, Cat Photography.

Sunny-Miles Summers

Sunny-Miles Summers developed an interest in telling stories, both fiction and nonfiction, at a young age. He didn’t know how to really explore all his ideas until he became a student at Conestoga College in the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program. From the first day of classes, he’s been enthusiastic about every aspect of filming and broadcasting. Even going as far to offer help to other classes when they didn’t have enough students. For “In the Haystack,” Sunny-Miles is working as the segment producer and cameraman and is buzzing to explore different farms around Southern Ontario. He’s most excited to go to an apple farm and try apples right off the tree. Within the next year, Sunny-Miles is looking into applying for the animation program at Conestoga.

Madison Montgomery

Madison Montgomery has always been absolutely enthralled by the power of capturing moments in time and turning those moments into visual storytelling. As such, when she discovered the Broadcast Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College, she knew she had to enroll. Madison is extremely driven by her passion and loves to challenge herself, while further developing her creative skills.Madison is extremely excited to get behind the camera and on the field to shoot the upcoming segment, In the Haystack. She is also looking forward to heading the post-production this project as the lead editor.In-between school assignments, she tries to get work as second videographer, specifically for weddings. Madison is admittedly a bit of a romantic, as well as an aspiring wedding videographer. She especially enjoys collaborating with more experienced videographers and hopes to one day play the role of the experienced videographer.

Merve Ozbek

Merve Ozbek always has a passion for travelling all over the world and sharing with others what she witnesses. After joining the Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production program at Conestoga College, she had a chance to learn techniques of videography and photography which realize her passion. In her segment coming up on Conestoga Connected ‘Project North’, she will be helping her team to find contents and guests. Also, she will be part of directing shots, camera operator and paperwork. When Merve has a free time, she enjoys reading book, pencil drawing and relaxing while walking in the fresh air. In the future, she sees herself as a freelancer that making her own projects for a better and peaceful world. For her life philosophy, if you want to change the world, start yourself! Believes in herself!

My Hanh Nguyen

My Hanh Nguyen has always wanted to be a director, as a kid her dream job would either be a Queen or director. Now being an adult director seemed like the most possible. She did not know what to expect entering the TV and Independent Production program at Conestoga, but being in it has shown her what it is like being a part of a production, and she has fallen in love with it. My Hanh has a strong sense of leading, enjoys organizing and managing which is why she volunteered to be a co-producer for Conestoga Connected. She is eager to make this one of the best seasons. In the future, My Hanh hopes to be a reality TV show producer or to work within that type of production.


Being in front of a camera was the first step for Ravinder in this industry. While working with some independent film makers in India, Ravinder started taking interest to know how it works behind the camera and started learning to operate different cameras. Then he got a chance to continue his passion with the outstanding program at Conestoga College under the experienced and great faculty. At Conestoga College, Ravinder learned various new and interesting things like editing, lighting, audio setup etc. and these things really helped him to make his dream clear to go forward in the film and media industry. Now he works with more energy and curiosity in every project. He has worked with ‘Brown town music’ company for some promo videos as a camera operator and also trying to get a chance to shoot their future projects. Ravinder also has some experience in making motivational youtube videos with amazing graphics and voice mixing. After the completion of his course, Ravinder is looking forward to follow his passion and find work in film and media industry.

Dana Schaffner

Dana Schaffner loves to create, entertain and is often full of ideas and stories. From a young age, she has been comfortable on stage and in front of a camera. She has performed in dance recitals, livestock shows, musicals, plays, mascot suits at events, open mic nights and an ad campaign. She loves making others smile and laugh but she wants people to get something out of her work. In high school, Dana realized that she could take her confidence on stage and use it for public speaking. She began speaking at her own school, other schools and eventually spoke at a TEDx event in 2018. Her passion and initiative in high school led her to found a club and run a second as well as win awards for leadership, outdoor education, female hockey, perseverance and compassion. After high school ended, she took some time to decide what she wanted to do and realized television would get her on the right path. In Conestoga Connected, Dana is hosting, co-producing and co-writing In the Haystack. After school is over, she would like to travel and create content that not just entertains people but helps make a positive impact on other’s lives.

Michael Senecal

Having a great appreciation for film at a young age, Michael Senecal has pursued a career as a storyteller in the film industry. He enrolled in Conestoga College’s Television Broadcasting Program looking to gain more hands-on experience from real a production and learn more about storytelling through motion picture. Since the first day of class, Michael has become confident in professionally operating a camera and other studio equipment, as well as working with editing software for class assignments. However, he is looking to expand his knowledge art of screenwriting and further develop the skills needed to pitch and sell his stories to a producer. If he is not working on school assignments for class or group productions for Conestoga Connected, Michael is actively writing short stories or scripts for his portfolio or making wildlife short films. His hope after graduation is to get into a career as a screenwriter for film or television.

Gurkirat Singh Tiwana

Editing was a first step in which Gurkirat Singh Tiwana’s perspective had been changing in a perfect manner towards film making and television production instead of any other interest. It was a fixed goal to be an editor, director and camera operator in the television industry. Conestoga College was an amazing platform to expand his knowledge and practical skills for better performance in working schedule. At the editing desk in the College’s production lab or home studio, Tiwana’s smart working skills create a fast, professional and smooth working environment when he joins the team’s projects and onset location, he operates the studio’s broadcast or DSLR cameras too in a professional manner. He loves to stay behind the camera to do his creative job. He has been working remotely as a photo editor for a company called ‘White Hill Music’ for their magazine and storyboard artist for ‘Troll Punjabi’ (a small video production house) located in his native country. Tiwana is making YouTube videos for Conestoga College of Media and Design department as a production assistant, director, camera operator and editor. After school, Tiwana hopes to find work with a film or television production company.