Conestoga Connected is an entertaining and informative program that connects Waterloo Region residents to its people and community. Reporters from Conestoga College’s Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production program give viewers a peek at life in and around the Tri-City area.

Restaurant Diaries is a 2 minutes segment with Conestoga
Connected that talks about various Restaurants in south-western Ontario with
an add on of how their business is coping with COVID-19.

In the Haystack follows Dana Schaffner to various farms in Southern Ontario to showcase real
modern farming and break the stereotypes surrounding it. From apple orchards to dairy
operations, each episode Dana learns what it takes to farm and how farms run from day to day.

Project North follows Charles as he explores different cultures and people’s life experiences
living away from their home country here in Canada. Meeting new people every week talking
about Cultural practices, as well as traditional clothing and cuisine found here in Canada.

A COVID Getaway sees the crew travel to Tobermory and explore the famous restaurant
and the beautiful blue waters of Lake Huron. While talking to the local businesses, they also
explore the little slice of heaven just three hours from Toronto.

CCC- Currently coping with Covid-19 mainly concentrates on trade and business
operations of local stores and restaurants surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic spread. The idea sparked from the current
Covid-19 pandemic that we are fighting. The show follows one host taking the viewers into hearts of
local shops/restaurants and how their businesses are coping with Covid-19.

Master of 2 wheels shows people who love motorcycles and they share their feelings with
others. The KSR team organizes this event and they are responsible for riders. There are many
people in race tracks that have important jobs like organizers,Tech operators,Marshall,Paramedics. Audiences can learn how to prepare their Motorcycle and they bring it to the track.

Road Trip is a mini series focusing on some not-so-hidden gems scattered across the province of
Ontario. From waterfalls to walking trails and everything in between, Road Trip aims to answer
the question “What should we do this weekend?”, while respecting Covid-19 travel laws and

That Dream Job follows one host and her pursuit in meeting local people with interesting
jobs while giving viewers a slice of their everyday life. Host Anu Abraham will interview those
guests regarding their unique career journey, so that the viewers can find out how they landed
their dream job. That Dream Job will be a five-episode series of 2:10 minutes duration airing on
Conestoga Connected via Rogers TV.

Inside the Doghouse makes research easy, showcasing a different lifestyle and breeds each
episode so you can choose which one is best for you! Even if you aren’t looking for a dog, this
show is full of adorable dogs for everyone to enjoy. We will explore the benefits and challenges
of different breeds, including daily routines and living costs. Join the shows producer, Ashley
Shepard, as she meets new dogs from all over the KW area.

Hidden Worlds

Have you ever wondered what secrets and treasures could be lying around your community, unknown to most? Geocaching includes the emergence of something fun, innovative, and challenging to do outdoors.  In this segment, our host experienced outdoorsman Tyler Garton will be taking guests on a variety of geocaching adventures. With a GPS enabled mobile device, such as a phone, participants can begin a modern-day treasure hunt to find what is called the “cache” which contains a logbook and possibly, some treasure. There are different types of caches that will be explored throughout this segment including: multi-caching, night caching, and mystery caching. After the caching adventure, guests tell us about their thoughts and experience. Come along for the ride!