Conestoga Connected is an entertaining and informative program that connects Waterloo Region residents to its people and community. Reporters from Conestoga College’s Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production program give viewers a peek at life in and around the Tri-City area.

Adventure Quencher follows our hosts as they try exciting experiences on their quest to satisfy their thirst for adventure. It is a four episode series, which features rotating hosts who pick a fun activity to do each week. The show will feature exciting activities and events from all around the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Our hosts, Amy Anstett, ArtemisAustin, and Utku Turan will take turns each week picking an adventure they would like to take part in, and the team will go out and have a great time!

History Heroes is a segment where our charismatic host goes across southeasternOntario to explore the rich war history located right in our backyards, where he will also be quizzed to see if he’s paying attention! Each episode will feature a different theme and aspect of wartime history that is easily accessible to visit, in hopes of teaching something new. Each episode the host will explore and tour the historical location, and will talk to a historian knowledgeable about that episode’s theme. This series will get up close and personal with some famous historical relics located right here, as they go back in time to learn more and explore. The host will then be asked questions about what the historian discussed, in hopes that he was paying attention. From Canada’s“fightingest” ship to the Dam Busters plane, this series will show insight into just how these local relics of wartime history became heroes.

Combat Corner is an educational show delving into the world of fantasy through a tri-cities area live action role play (LARP) named Amtgard, specifically the Kitchener field, “Lichwood Grove”. It features a relatable – self proclaimed warrior – host exploring the basics of combat and weaponry through the instruction of a combat master, slow motion breakdowns of fast paced action, and opinions from local players on their favourite styles of combat and why. Combat Corner will bring all of your wildest white knight fantasies to life and equip you with the best weapon of all – knowledge. (And don’t forget the super cool action shots of highly skilled fighters!)

Rescue Tails follows Nicole Beer as we go on a journey to raise awareness about different types of animal rescues and clinics in Southwestern Ontario. Nicole interviews staff members ofRescue centres and affiliated locations, to highlight the important work these groups do. With cool and entertaining information. The cute and interesting creatures will capture your heart. Come see RescueTails!

Pretty Sweet takes its viewers on an oh so delicious journey through several bakeries in the Tri-Cities area. We explore a quirky little custom cake shop with a big personality in the heart of the bustling Preston Town Centre, a fan-favourite doughnut shop that has nothing but rave reviews in the active South end of Galt, and so much more. We’ll showcase a range of these delectable treats and the people who create them each week. Our host asks the tough but tasty questions like; what’s the best buttercream frosting to cupcake ratio, is there really such a thing as too much glaze on a doughnut, and – like all good superhero tales – we discover what their origin story is. There are so many sweet treats out there and our mission on Pretty Sweet is to find the best and share these best kept secrets with the world- or at least the locals looking for a delicious treat to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Bottom of the Bag is a sketch comedy show unlike any other. Funny, surreal, intelligent, and a little strange, it perfectly displays everything the genre is known for. Each two-minute-long episode features a regular cast of actors and the occasional special guest acting through bizarre situations. Each story is a stand alone so new audience members can start watching whenever they want. Viewers can lend back, let go and have a good time knowing that they are in good, strong, comically large clown hands. Bottom of the Bag strives to create top quality creative content for their viewership. They grow and harvest the fresh jokes themselves. No processed, salt packed, genetically modified, factory farmed, jokes here. The Bottom of the Bag team is small but mighty. Each member is a creative individual in their own way. All three of them truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. However, penicillin or the polio vaccine are cool too.

Fraidy Cat Frights packed with a different host each episode in Fraidy Cat Frights, the audience learns about the stories behind their fears as they talk to experts, tour unique places and interact with the thing they fear most. Being scared is a normal thing for human beings. That is what we’re here to show you! Fraidy Cat Frights is a 2-minute four-episode series airing online on Rogers; the show airs on Conestoga Connected, and it showcases the journey of overcoming your worst fear. Eachepisode takes place in different locations, mirroring the host’s trauma. It includes an informational section where the audience will learn together with the host about the thing they fear the most; how it lives and how to take care of it, where it originated from, how to handle it safely. Finally, there will be a challenge as a timer counts down to see if the host will overcome their fear or gain the title of a Fraidy Cat.