TheBigCanvas S10 EP.5 from School of Media and Design on Vimeo.

This week on The Big Canvas, Cody Lorbetski a.k.a The Lobster, takes the boys down to his tank for an artistic tour like no other. Cody really puts the crust in crustacean as he is a wood burning guru who’s been in the game for a hard five years. But that’s not all! Watch closely, as he can swiftly turn a slab of wood into a celebrity portrait. ‘The Lobster’ has created copious amounts of Canadiana and crafted portraits of high-profile celebrities with just his pencil crayons, wood burner, and a slab of wood. Cody is truly a multimedia mastermind who thoroughly embraces his Canadian culture. Enjoy as The Big Canvas casts their net to return with the keeper known as Cody Lorbetski.